Safety Data Sheet. AdBlue®. Effective Date: 01 January 1. 1. IDENTIFICATION. Product Identifier. Product Name. AdBlue® Aqueous Urea Solution. Safety Data Sheet. Product Name: Adblue ® Diesel Exhaust Fluid. Reference No: VAL Issued: Version: Page 1 of 6. NON-Hazardous. SAFETY DATA SHEET. AdBlue. SECTION 1: Identification of the substance/ mixture and of the company/undertaking. Date issued. Product.

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Absorb with inert, absorbent material. This ensures no stable foam forms, to provide a cleaner and faster fill.

Caltex Extra Low Sulphur Diesel XLSD has a sulphur content of less than 10 ppm, making it suitable for diesel engines designed to meet the latest European and American emission standards and those equipped with exhaust after-treatment devices. Details of this test are included here.

It keeps pace with the growing demand for cleaner, better and more advanced diesel fuels to keep engines healthier for longer. Vortex Premium Diesel is suitable for use in all diesel vehicles. Vortex Premium 95 combines a high octane, friction reducer and rust inhibitor to help give more power and improve performance compared to regular, unadditised petrol.

At Caltex, we offer a range of quality fuels for different types of vehicles. The ongoing use of Tec D Performance Diesel can deliver up to: Investor Centre Environment Media Releases. Foam Inhibitor Ensures a cleaner and faster fill that forms no stable foam for diesel engines.

Use extinguishing media appropriate to the surrounding fire conditions.

Seek medical attention if irritation or symptoms persist. No adverse health effects are known or expected under normal use. It meets the Fuel Standard Autogas Determination Caltex LPG Autogas is composed mainly of propane and butane, with minor amounts of propylene and butylene.


Get into shape with Vortex Fitness Fuels. Burning produces irritating, toxic and obnoxious fumes. Vortex Premium 95 A high octane premium petrol that cleans the engine as you drive. Unleaded Petrol Caltex Qdblue Petrol is designed for spark ignition engines and blended to meet the requirements of automotive engines fitted with catalytic converters designed to run on unleaded petrol.

Fuels Technical & Safety Data Sheets

Through our Australian Institute of Petroleum AIP membe rship, we are actively advocating for the Australian Mdds to make the necessary enquiries to ensure that Acblue are not negatively affected by the use of potentially harmful additives in fuels. A Vortex Premium fuels can be safely mixed with any regular, unadditised fuels. Vortex Premium 98 is our highest octane petrol, formulated to meet the exact requirements of the latest high-compression, turbo-charged and performance engines.

In addition to its powerful cleaning agent, Vortex Premium Diesel features our next-generation foam inhibitor. All 3 have a range of magic ingredients that help to clean your engine for better performance. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. No matter what the age or condition of the engine, the adbluw effect of our additives can help to output more power, achieve better acceleration and smoother running.

Ethanol is a renewable non-fossil fuel which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on fossil fuels. Or from any failure to follow appropriate practices or from hazards. Material Safety Data Sheet.

They have special stuff that helps addblue engine work at its peak. Vortex Premium 98 Our highest octane, premium petrol for optimum engine performance.

Fuels, Vortex Premium, AdBlue | Caltex Australia

Dispose of in compliance with all local and national regulations. There are 5 key benefits that separate Vortex Premium fuels from regular, unadditised fuels. May cause irritation to eyes. Caltex LPG Autogas is a premium quality, clean burning, liquefied petroleum gas. Caltex Unleaded Petrol is designed for spark ignition engines and blended to meet the requirements of automotive engines fitted with catalytic converters adbule to run on unleaded petrol.


Adblue® MSDS

We produce a range of diesel fuels suitable ablue use in high-speed automotive diesel engines and industrial applications. This information relates only to the specific.

Our full product catalogue contains the product data and safety data sheets for our range of lubricants and fuels. If your vehicle requires a minimum octane rating of 95, for example, the blend may fall below this and hinder adbule performance of your vehicle until the fuel is changed.

ADBLUE – Lubricants NZ

Keep in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area. Mixing regular, unadditised fuel and Vortex Premium will also lower the octane rating. Do not allow uncontrolled discharge of the product into the environment. Recommended for moderate to cool climates and areas that experience regular frosts in the winter months.

The information supplied in this Safety Data Sheet is designed only as guidance for the. Automotive and Industrial Urea Technologies. In case of splashing, wear: Vortex Premium Diesel contains advanced additives to help restore and maintain fuel injector cleanliness. Prevent further spillage if safe.

A There are 3 Vortex Premium fuels: Tec D Performance Diesel. Do not allow product to enter drains. It is recommended to store the. It explains what makes them different and how they can give your engine a physical workout. In addition to our petrol and diesel products, we also offer: Ensure adequate ventilation of the working area.