cfdocument format=”pdf” marginbottom=”1″ marginleft=”1″ marginright=”1″ alternate colors and font-size so that you can easily see where. I just noticed that the CF7 tag, CFDOCUMENT (as well as the new form of This NAME attribute is simply an interesting alternative. Here’s a. But you are correct, it is now less useful when they are alternatives. I was hoping to see updates in CF10 regarding using CFDocument to.

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Of aternative ColdFusion is still awesomely productive on the back end: I just thing that all the added overhead does not make sense. And as more productive solutions become available, we should adopt cffocument because, well, they are more productive, and productivity is why we’re even having this discussion in the first place. The UI for iReport is freaking awesome, and works on a ton of platforms and whatnot. Look at this code:.

But the situation at Orly, the other big airport in Paris, was described as normal. This is where its strengths lie. I’ll do a new blog entry on it in a moment.

In my opinion, this bug is a huge deficit in “on-the-fly” PDF building and it’s unbelievable that it’s been a problem for so many years. In reply to this post by Shaun Alternativee. I agree with packaged logic vs writing verbose code over and over Ben. Then you could manage that cached result any of the many ways that have long existed for caching other tag results in shared scope variables.

If you were to use this code, ColdFusion would generate the necessary JavaScript to perform the validation and would embed the generated code and includes to external. We also introduced a different class of features, ones that simplified the use of client technologies.


Cold Fusion – Technical – PDF alternate to cfdocument

I stress I say “deprecate” and not “obsolete”: I have just finished getting this to work. Regular expression validation is frequently unnecessarily unfriendly and your code should often allow, for example, optional spacing and hyphens.

Well, now that you mention it And that’s what I did in the rewrite of this site. I’ll have to try that out when we move to BD 7. ColdFusion is also perfect for wrapping external services and libraries into clean useable chunks like monkehTweet which I use to interact with Twitter, and CFlickr used for Flickr integration.

Aoternative running into the same thing The code snippet is obviously a bit longer as you need to include the. All you need to do is run an ajax call to get your html or not if it’s already on the pagesubmit all of it to the paginate function, and submit the returned result to the coldfusion code. In reply to this post by Shaun Webster I would use iText http: Thanks for taking care of that, Dan.

Correct Answers – 10 points. Of course, I will credit you for the code. And once you get the hang of using jQuery and this plug-in, you can do so much more with it. It requires that any attachment be written to disk first. So, once again, no more cfdocumeent and lots of upside, that’s productivity at its best.

PDF alternate to cfdocument

David, I’m afraid that really has nothing to do with the entry here ok, it’s about PDFs, and so is yours, but it’s a stretch. Den — Pray that your loneliness may spur you into finding something to live for, great enough to die for.


Hi Ben, Good article I had 2 issues with PDF attachments using cfdocument. The original reason to use ColdFusion way back when, and it is still the reason we use it today, is that it is an incredibly productive platform.

It may make sense to be clear to others ie, if you tell others “Ben said I usually just dive into things and figure them out as I go. It worked for me!

Ben Forta | Blog

It is also great for encapsulating business logic for example, my book pages are highly dynamic, there are entire sections that apply to some books but not to others, and a set of relational database tables are used to drive those pages, all beautifully encapsulated in clean CFC methods that expose the data and flags I need to render the pages. In fact it’s probably needed if we want new developers to take ColdFusion seriously.

All of this legacy stuff needs to be pulled out of the engine and made available as plugins for backwards compatibility. I use ColdFusion because it makes doing what I need done on the server-side super easy, and use ExtJS or jQuery if I have to to handle all the client-side goodness that is needed. If you are generating PDFs from remote content, and the images are often the same across reports, you can predownload the images and cache them locally, then use the local cache when generating the PDF.