Basic knowledge of JSON, XML, on, XML, JavaScript, jQuery,. · Basic knowledge of cloud platforms, preferably Microsoft Azure. · Basic knowledge of database. seviye :// ilkeleri WEEKLY WEEKLY. jandarma-astsubay-temel-kursu-giris-sinavi-hazirlik-kitabi-arge-yayinlari . WEEKLY kitabi .. WEEKLY . .

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Overview of the concepts and techniques in image processing. System and control volume approach, Reynolds transport theorem, principles of conservation of mass, momentum and energy, Bernoulli equation. This course will inform the students on the concepts related to the stages of scientific research process. Computerised implementation of the stiffness method and use of instructional programs.

The concept and stages of economic blocks. Includes forecasting, postponement, sourcing in particular, global sourcingnetwork design, and virtual integration web-centric and illustrates these concepts through cases. Hands-on programming projects utilising any computer language is covered.

The main purpose of this course is to introduce the basic theories and methodology of customer relationship management, including identifying profitable customers, understanding their needs and wants, and building a bond with them by developing customer-centric products and services directed toward providing customer value.

Also introducing statistical package-programs. This studio provides both a conceptual and practical introduction to design and introduces students to basic design principles, design theory and concept development. Translation of various Chinese texts from different fields like international relations, law, education and politics.

The principles, practices, and concepts used in retail marketing management. The students will learn how to deal with the different exigencies emerging from these different situations and get some knowledge in crisis-management too. Engine friction and lubrication. Course content includes an overview of individual ethical development, ethical issues in business today, the opportunity and conflict of ethical decision-making framework, and the development of an effective ethics program in a corporation.

Gain knowledge on how to contribute to research.

This course introduces the basic concepts and elements of file management techniques and database management systems. Joining and Assembly Processes; welding, brazing, soldering, and mechanical assembly. Lagrangian and Eulerian descriptions, derivatives, rate of deformation, flow lines. The mathematical modelling of self-organizing maps and also the recurrent network architecture will be given. Also covered are rate determination theories, forecasting, purchasing power parity and interest rate parity theorems, hedging, speculation, internationaltrade financing, and international diversification of portfolios.


Buckling, Stress and strain in axial loading. Concepts of moment, couple, resultant.

Thus, there will be opportunity to cover other new topics in finance. Otto, Diesel, Brayton, Rankine and vapor compression. Students will learn the basics through intermediate computer concepts with an emphasis on the personal computer and its practical use, including hardware, application and system software, the Internet and World Wide Web, communications, database management, and computers in society.

Students will learn to create algorithms using Grasshopper and Python in Rhinoceros 3D, while exploring parametric modeling, performance simulation, data visualization, and workflow automation.

Geotechnical and foundation design considerations. This is the capstone course for students in civil engineering. The focus of this course is to conceptualise and formulate strategic uses of contemporary marketing practices.


The purpose of this assignment is to initiate the student into an kiimya of professional firms and to provide an overview of on-site learning. Project management context and processes, project integration, time management, cost management, quality management, team management, risk management and project planning ilkkeler the process of design development and evaluation of instructional software.

Treats accounting and managerial aspects in cost concepts including job order process cost systems, flexible budgets, joint by-product costs, break-even points, differential costs, problems and practice projects are the basis for study. Effective aviation phraseology combines brevity with the transfer of complete and correct information. This course places an emphasis on the great kitabb and interconnectivity of socio-political and cultural facts and employs an anthropological view to the history of art.

This course, as the conclusive course for the series of history of Architecture, is aanalitik a comprehensive vision and knowledge of the philosophies and theories in relation with the clustering of effective masters and thinkers and the built environment.

Analyses and modeling of mechanical, electrical, electromechanical, fluid and thermal systems. Topics include CPU, memory, file and device management, distributed systems and group communication. The course looks at the principal three-dimensional modeling techniques used by architects to design and represent projects.


Also students will introduce to PHP and they will develop kitaab PHP applications, especially database connection and modifying data retrieve from database. There will be included also 3 lectures on the principles of International Law and Business Law.

LİNKTERA BİLGİ TEKNOLOJİLERİ-NET Developer | Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Kariyer Merkezi

Basic legal concepts; history of humanity and formation of the legal system; concept of democracy; democratic society system; Constitution and basic rights and freedoms; citizenship and responsibilities; kiab systems related to emergency situations; functional mechanisms of disaster and emergency management and related legal systems; international legal relations.

Measures of new residential area identification; Evaluation of danger risks in existing residential areas, reduction of risks; disaster preparation education of public institutions; establishment of public institution coordination; emergency intervention plans of hospitals and firefighters; disaster preparation education of local public; volunteer teams for disaster intervention; establishing crisis centers; disaster victims’ search and rescue and logistic support; debris clearance and disposal procedures; prevention of kkitab and public health services; establishing shelter after disasters.

Bending and shear stresses. Engineering Materials used in Manufacturing. The goal of the course is to give students an understanding of the importance of Anwlitik and Conservation in the field of historic environment sensitivity and consciousness.

Selected stories from ancient Chinese literature will be analysed and translated. The course is based on theory, discussion and practical expreience. Stress distribution of compression zone of concrete. Mechanical design of the power transmission system and chassis components. At the end of this course students will be familiar with the computer terminology and able to use the word processing and spreadsheet programs as well as efficient internet usage.