31 Dec I’ve always loved the story of the Anphelion Project. Essentially Jurassic Park in 40k, it tells the story of an Imperial outpost on Beta Anphelion. 5 Jan The Red Scorpions are back, and fighting for the lives against the Tyranids who have escaped their Grim Dark Jurassic Park!. Does anyone know whats happening here because FW have stop selling them. Does this mean there might be a newer edition on the horizon.

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Love these battle reports! Collecting samples from various captured and deceased Tyranids, the Inquisition hoped to find some weakness in the creatures that could potentially pdoject humanity from the Tyranid menace.

Lok was killed along with the Beta Anphelion rescue team, and the Imperium has since lost all contact with the world. The game ends turn 4 with little or no Tyranid forces left to threaten Lok or D99s remaining units. The rest of the chapter ‘s forces, in defiance of Lok’s orders, set out to rescue the terminators.

End of Imperial turn 3. The Elysians held off the Tyranids as the servitor repaired the generatorum. Picassa though is fast, user friendly and has some decent effects. Preview of Game 3 below. Standard defensive deployment engaged. The Tyranids had escaped, overrunning the three hundred man garrison. For the terrain I created a fortified complex which D99 would defend anphelipn the Tyranids attacking from the jungle outskirts.

Imperial Armour Volume Four – The Anphelion Project Second Edition

Brother Halar do you copy? After the disasterous first game the Imperium forces needed to get some points on projetc board and defend the complex at all costs. End of Tyranid turn 3. Threat levels are assessed with ranges from Low to Ultra Extremis. All specimns to be left planetside. May the Emperor protect.


Imperial Armour Volume Four – Second Edition: The Anphelion Project – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

The Tyranid swarm has abphelion its reserves but the Red Scorpions are vastly outnumbered. Sergeant Elias fights on alone surrounded. Squad Derg is further assailed by Tyranid Gargoyle organisms. The Red Scorpions could deploy outside the complex 12″ onto the first board tile. The southern flank of the complex is engaged by multiple Tyranid threats.

I think Battle Reports like anphelio is part of the fun of 40K narrative campaigns. The creatures had hid in the jungles and swamps until they reached sufficient numbers to overwhelm the labs’ garrison of three hundred. Projec gun target protocols are engaged and D99 prepares to go “Weapons free”. ServoSkull B4, captures the onrushing Tyranid forces 7.

Primary access door to the facility is sighted at We shall prepare our counter attack. Xenos Tyranid threat detected West of primary Bunker complex.


The Moderator symbol will be shown next to the mod’s username only if it is an announcement so if you see it, you may want to check it out. Anpheluon the Emperor requires of us guardsmen is that we hold the line,and die fighting. Looking forward to the next game! By the Emperor secure your data stations and reset.

Cycle up automated defenses systems. We have Xenos infiltrators close to our lines, Northern flank. Brother we have arrived. The astartes opened fire immediately, their storm bolters filling the narrow corridor with a fusilade of letahl firepower. End of poject 3. Brother Halar engages the souther Xenos swarm as his position is over run.


Entertaining narrative and photos! Orbital feeds confirm near collapse of battleline.

Tyranids: Anphelion Project IA4 Review – Bell of Lost Souls

M41 all contact from the research facility of Beta Anphelion ceased, leading to an investigative team of Red ScorpionsAdeptus Mechanicusand Imperial Guards led by Inquisitor Solomon Lok to arrive on the planet. It is truly glorious to see your narrative batrep executed so well.

Game points were a side on a 6×4 board. Heavy Weapons team Gamma, cycle feeds at 7. That game 3 was exciting. No Xenos activity is recorded. Afer the obliteration of the Tyranid forces in game 2, the series is poised at one game a piece. Curb your vitriol Inquisitor, your pre mission data was nothing short of disgraceful during the Dropsite mission.

Brother Halar is immobile for this game. Now there could be no question. I particularly like your use of perspective shots with H. Community Forum Discord Server.

Hope to see more from you. Squad “Dubh” hold their lines on the southern flank as the onrushing Tyranids enter weapons range.