All about Balta drobulė: romanas by Antanas Skema. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. By his death, Antanas Škėma also vindicated his belief that the absurd and a slave is Antanas Garšva in the novel The White Shroud (Balta drobulė, ). Editions for Balta drobulė: (published in ), (Mass Market Paperback published in ), (Paperback published in ), (Hardcover publish.

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The stories antanaas be said to have an epic dimension of their own, but it is an internal epic, not concerned with the enormous number and complexity of external events, or, rather, concerned only with their terrible meaning on the symbolic plane. Ignas is now in love with a beautiful girl, Inga the symbolic nature of the protagonists is already evident in their names: You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. This natanas was last edited on 13 Decemberat Edit to localize it to your language.

Balta drobulė: romanas

They do not succeed; the Soviet authorities catch them and execute all tree on the spot. Alternating chapters take us back and forth from this present world to his early life in Lithuania before and during the Soviet and Nazi occupations of WWII.

The whole world is ruled by logical inevitabilities which, in their dead clarity, are entirely incomprehensible to the living imagination. The very thorough background information and Lithuanian folk text translations and reference explanations in the footnotes were especially helpful in this new edition published by Scotland’s Vagabond Voices who have been producing an excellent translation series with their Changelings imprint.

I believe, You forgive at the last moment. Many geniuses were sick. And so, he jumps:. In The Awakeningas in other works, we meet a number of individuals who seem droble be struggling with nothing more than their personal problems, but the outcome of the struggle always implies something about the nature of good, evil and eternity.


Fists beat against the windows, the glass shatters in sardius and beryl. In The Awakeningfor instance, the Soviet secret police investigator Pijus attempts to force Kazys, his former successful rival and now an underground hero, to betray resistance secrets by torturing Elena, the woman they both love and Kazys has married, before antannas rival’s very eyes. Ignas is a poet at heart because he thinks that love is holy — a communion of saints.

One such traitor is Kostas, a bitter and complex figure. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. From one point of view it could be ajtanas that the novel is mainly about the defeat of the dkema. Recently added by alantedervanilliamaurymaskaixoavalinahmantviusPPZnecrodeathmortem. And he runs to the ladder, he climbs, he shouts hoarsely “God, my God, please show yourself!

So, he worships her and is afraid of her, too, and the ideas of love for a woman and love for his mother blend into a balya image of sainthood and fear. The poet’s vision had lighted the heaven full valta stars; now he walks through swamps with ugly, misshapen stars reflected in the muddy waters.

Reality has laws, among which is the organic and irresistible urge to love and be loved. Nevertheless, the very process by which a poet is defeated in this life brings a rich treasure of new thoughts, new experiences, new understanding.

Antanas Škėma – Balta drobulė – 2007

Thus, in a way, his being a poet is also his own undoing: Torn between such contrasts, the narrative often resembles a confused mosaic made up of accidental sights and inner visions, of masks and living faces, of past and present, and of distant places continuing the landscape directly before one’s eyes.

Quite logically, therefore, the action is set on Christmas Eve. Because of this, the role of Skaidra – Judas acquires a special kind of nobility. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. We can no longer point our finger to the supposed villains and heroes. Ignas was a dreamer — now his world is a nightmare.


His white shirt is dirty, his hair disshevelled, his pants are torn, blood is pounding in his temples, he falls, he rises, he climbs. Become a LibraryThing Author. Death and love appear in many guises, evoke a multitude of emotions, ideas, actions, create and destroy many profound answers to the riddles of the universe.

Ignas comes to her but he cannot free her from death because he is still alive, and the love of the living is a temporary thing; it weakens with time and loses the power of resurrection. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Good and evil will still remain clearly recognizable in the world, and it will be possible to play the Prince of Darkness without jeopardising one’s rights to the Kingdom of Heaven. The double Louis E.

Editions of Balta drobulė by Antanas Škėma

Christ, although he is, perhaps, a madman and an impostor kisses her gently bakta her maidenly lips as one would an innocent. We all murder God in many ways in our hearts, but it is Skaidra who actually performs the deed.

Small horse, small cart, small man, the hills come nearer and nearer, oh how terribly burns the sun, we will not get there by evening, we will not get anywhere at all. He does not remember, but the reader does, Jesus Drpbule hanging on the cross.