Brown Girl, Brownstones [Paule Marshall] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Reprint of Edition. Full facsimile of the original. Complete summary of Paule Marshall’s Brown Girl, Brownstones. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Brown Girl, Brownstones. Brown Girl, Brownstones is a novel by the internationally recognized writer, Paule Marshall. Brown Girl, Brownstones is Marshall’s first novel, and it was.

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Brown Girl, Brownstones Summary & Study Guide

At least it was not often. Starting at the bottom and working up is not something with which he can come to terms.

I think I loved this book in another reality. View all 7 comments. This is a contender for one of those classics you would read in high school, and could pull so much analysis for your essays and whatnot. Painful is the word that comes to mind. While friends posted articles and insightful quotes about the topic, I just could not find the words. Because of this, Marshall evokes an empathetic reading of all of her characters. She would have been close in age to Selina during the 40s and i Sometime in the 80s I became aware of Paule Marshall and picked up her books whenever I ran across them.

So I changed my rating to 5 stars after reading the book’s afterword. And even the nicest people can be the most racist. The novel takes her from the age of ten in into the fifties. It is a difficult story to carry, but it is one that we are afraid to tell in this country, and, especially for white readers, one that we don’t necessarily want to hear.

I read this book many, many years ago – back in Junior High School as a matter of fact. For instance, where they lived, what they did for a living, how much of a living they could expect to eke out, what expectations they had for their children, and so on.


It was as if she somehow glimpsed in Selina the girl she had once been. Silla has very clear aims for her daughters and for her o 4. Selina begrudgingly agrees to go, but she tells the group they are money-hungry, narrow-minded, etc. Jul 22, Kara Corthron rated it it was amazing. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Here are some of my favorite passages: It should be on high school reading lists for its depiction of immigrants’ dreams and their children who are struggling browwnstones assimilate.

This is Virginia Woolf with slightly less stylistic prowess and a plot worth fighting for and a lead who, if asked, you would contemplate drowning yourself for.

I had an IB English moment thinking of the cyclical themes of mother and daughter. In reality, Selina feels left out and confused by puberty.

The time period and culture presented were great. I enjoyed this bbrownstones.

Brown Girl, Brownstones Summary & Study Guide

Selina’s wilful rejection of Silla’s choices is brilliantly portrayed, especially as the daughter is basically repeating the actions of the mother at that age, yet neither can see the repeating pattern. They can as easily embody the power principles as a man. Marshall’s portrayal of the tight-knit Bajan community allowed me to understand their cultural cohesion and why these particular people chose to reach only to each other for support.

Deighton is lackadaisical, impulsive, and he frequently cheats on his wife. When the mirror of life shows Selina how others perceive her it is a shock, bringing her out of herself into the world.

At the same time, whites are not all evil; blacks are not all good.

To ask other readers questions about Brown Girl, Brownstonesplease sign up. Unsung hero of the black canon. Suggie Skeete, Miss Mary, and Miss Thompson are a few other characters who appear sporadically; Selina goes to them for companionship and advice.

Lending to this transformation, the book grapples with the overarching theme of Selina’s volatile relationship with and conflicting emotions towards her mother whom Marshall omnisciently refers to as “the mother” throughout the story in an effort to convey Selina’s feelings of and desire for detachment from hera relationship which in many ways is probably the biggest catalyst and driving force in Selina’s life.


Instead, she decides to let her dancing skill and her pwule support her, and she embarks alone into the giel as a young woman. It was the result of a racist attack while yb was in the South, where a man injured her with a shovel. I give it 5 enthusiastic stars, bron do remember that it Not long after I began reading this book, I wondered why in the world I hadn’t read it sooner and why I knew nothing about it when I was a teenager.

Brown Girl, Brownstones

But it always feels genuine and true to the characters. I absolutely loved this. I have never read a book quite like this — Paule Marshall not like Morrison or Walker or Naylor in her storytelling; she’s somehow more honest, angry, and fierce. The added complication of being seen as black, the other, the stereotyping by whites, the grind of poverty and humiliation–all add to the difficulty of finding a clear path to a satisfied mind.

He initially seems to share a lot of Selina’s personal values, and they begin a secret relationship. Brown Girl, Brownstones from BookRags. Because you see I’m truly your child. This particular family’s Brownstone house has tirl witness to many lives before theirs and, as we learn towards the end of the book, many Bajans are already choosing to resettle elsewhere, moving up the affluence ladder if they have been able.

She doesn’t find a connection with her peers but is guided through life by mafshall adult women in her life. View the Lesson Plans.