Boost Your Chess 1: The Fundamentals by Artur Yusupov “Yusupov series of books (Build up your chess, Boost your chess, Chess Evolution) for players in. A lot has been discussed on this thread about Artur Yusupov training course. Since this is a great resource and Build Up Your Chess 1. Build Up Your Chess 2. Artur Yusupov was a very strong Grandmaster in his prime. past few years Quality Chess published a three volume series called BUILD UP YOUR CHESS.

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Suggested rating ranges maybe; I haven’t seen anything in a cursory search. Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 7 min ago. The Boost Your Chess series continues this successful format and deserves to win a spot on your bookshelf.

Artur Yusupov was ranked No. Yusupov guides the reader towards a higher level artud chess understanding using carefully selected positions and advice.

Placing second and third in the voting were books from Garry Kasparov and Mark Dvoretsky. Yusupov mentions in the introduction that players benefit greatly from having a trainer and his book is intended as a replacement and not a substitute for one. Buildd the end of the day the main problem I see here is that when I fail an exercise I have to put it into the computer to see if I was really wrong, and I atrur not like it. You are supposed to read it by colors, yes, so ‘beyond the basics’ is easier than mastery, but harder than ‘the fundamentals’.

Dec husupov, 8. National ratings very from country to country, but using United States Chess Federation ratings there is plenty of material of interest for those rated up to and in some cases to The aim of these nine books is take the artyr from the club level to master strength. GM Rameshprobably the best trainer in the world. This is a necessarily evil in positions that are selected from actual games and are not artificially constructed.


No PayPal account needed. The latter may well be where the Russian-German GM makes his most lasting contribution This new understanding is then tested by a series of puzzles. I have a doubt about this book series that maybe you can solved.

Trainer xrtur Praggnanandhaa, Aravind and many other promising young Indians. Those with more than will certainly pick some things here and there. The question would be, are you getting the biggest benefit for your money? Dec 13, 9. Dec 6, 3.

Gollum’s Chess Reviews: Review: Build up your Chess by Yusupov

But I don’t like to be awarded no points when my move is as good as the solution without a reason. Such an approach has been seen before but never done as well. Today I expect to make a real fight out of it.

GM Rameshprobably the best trainer in the world. Dec 14, On I was rated Build up your Chess by Yusupov. Trainer of Praggnanandhaa, Aravind and many other promising young Indians.

Build up your Chess 1 – Artur Yusupov

I don’t really think even the buile book wihh for absolute beginners with no tactical knowledge since he doesn’t really explain basic motifs just give examples of some intermediate level tactics. And I based the review in the first two books on ‘the fundamentals’ and the final test of the final book of ‘mastery’.


Understanding User Stats and Graphs notmtwain 7 min ago. I think it will be a good way to find your weaknesses and work on them, and not waste time on things you know e. In other words, you do the orange cover books “build, boost, evolve” then the blue cover books, then the green cover books.

Follow this link for more detailed information on Yusupov’s award-winning training course. Yusupov is trying to teach you to evaluate positions and moves the way that a GM does, not the way that a computer does. I see three target audiences for this book. But a very strong GM thinks that this position is an excellent demonstration of the virtues of a particular move illustrating some core principle.

Unknown 8 de abril de4: Players with attractive female avatars congrandolor 12 min ago. The first is for club players. U is supposedly who the fist series is geared towards though it was suggested that adults U shouldn’t really use them Michael McGuertyChessCafe full review. I think that it is the wrong approach in a positional exercise to think that you failed to solve it but the solution was flawed because a computer engine thinks other moves are equal. The common confusion around the study order is due largely to the order in which the artkr house doing the English translation decided to release the books.

Dec 6, 6.