I’ve decided to write this guide as a means to help newer players develop their skills in the world of Culdcept Saga. I hope this guide assists. Have you written a guide for an aspect of the game that’s not covered here? Tell us about it and 13, Culdcept Saga Card Spreadsheet, Written by IVIad IVIaxx. I won’t tell you that this guide is the be-all, end-all of deck building – because Weaknesses: One of the main strengths of Culdcept Saga is the.

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Culdcept Central – Culdcept Saga Gallery – Manual

Some weapons even add to a creatures HP as well as ST. This can be a discouraging experience for some of the newer players who may think they’ll never get to where the veterans are at. How many Auroras would it take to recover from that?

It also affects your opponent as well. Symbols are just like the stock market. They are anything but insignificant. Multi-Colored Multi-Colored decks are the bread and butter of Culdcept. When she wins, you get manuaal symbols for free. Drought Level of target Cepter’s lands cannot be changed. Before we can build a book and maanual playing; we need to understand what the cards are.

Keeping lands at level 1 also keeps Aurora from being nearly as effective a tool for raising symbol value. Suddenly, all your creatures are dying before they can lay a finger on the defender. Due to the initial nature of this land, converted neutral lands have a less expensive toll, but provide quick and cheap chains.

Two Pressures will negate the work of 4 Auroras. Just because it says sagaa can, doesn’t mean you can. During your draw phase at the beginning of your turn, you draw an extra card. They didn’t use it! In a 3 or 4 player culdcep, it might actually be helpful to leave it alone, as it might be affecting your opponent’s strategy. Utility Approach This approach is the Swiss army knife of deck building.


Since it’s a Free For All deck, I think I’ll include Trespass manua, it’s extremely useful with several people passing the castle for their lap bonus. This will allow you to use the occupying creatures special ability. Corruption and Pressure are ideal for making a symbol user sorry he ever considered using them. These are defensive creatures and Item creatures. This is largely random, as both shrines manua and will provide beneficial effects as well as negative.

You could win if you take one of his big lands and cross the castle.

This isn’t always the case. You have this option every time you cross the Temple as opposed to only when you land on it. A few cards may be useless depending on the circumstances of the match, but rest assured, you put those cards there “just in case. Combine this with Manna and you can dump all of your earnings into a temple then recover instantly with a g or g Manna for free right afterwards.

Cait Sith, Grimalkinor spells that affect a broad range of creatures i. Card of the Moment Aurora G: There are often vulnerable periods where copious amounts of money are open and available for opponents to use Drain Magic and Rouetsoleil to steal.

This also applies to other cards that are placed in a deck ‘just in case. That’s 70G to summon the Sage and another G to use the Colossus as support. The fountain discards your hand and refills it with the same number of cards. Some boards have multiple paths to follow. If you land on a tower, you can access all of your territories.


With this idol in play, there is no evolving of creatures like Spiny Agama and Sword Princess, no boosting from Fay and Lichenoid, and no destroying cards from Bookworm. An important note on this is this bonus will only sag to the person who has the most symbols in their respective cache. If a key card is destroyed or unable to be played, many gimmick books lack to flexibility to work. These abilities will be more or less defensive in nature.

Will it use symbols safa Burning Hail and Freeze Cyclone now do only 10 points also. Swga attack bypasses Land Bonus, Neutralize and Reflection. With 10 cards left, that becomes a 1 in 10 chance. As the game progresses you will be introduced to lots of interesting twists and turns.

Will I use it mainly for 1 vs.

Culdcept Central – The world’s largest Culdcept fan site!

We add unneeded cards or fail to account for certain strategies. Non-scroll damage in battle is neutralized and converted to a G cost the creature’s owner must pay. Heat Imp hits symbol users where it hurts.

There are three types: Getting your cards to flow together well is critical to a well performing deck.

They can dramatically affect a creature depending on what the circumstances are. Drop your regular creatures on off-color lands.

Balance in a deck is a great thing. So, it’s Saturday morning.