Discover ideas about Food Plan. The history of Overeaters Anonymous and its food plans, specifically the grey sheet, which spawned Greysheeters Anonymous . Appendix B: Text of the “Grey Sheet” of Overeaters Anonymous Food Plan. PAGE ONE OF OA PAMPHLET. PLAN “A” — LOW-CARBOHYDRATE. (Suggested for. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Greysheet Food Plan is used as a personal plan of recovery by many members in Overeaters Anonymous.

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Four ounces ;lan grilled chicken, 1 cup of cooked broccoli and romaine lettuce would fulfill this criteria. Though I was raw and fearful I did feel hope with Greysheet.

Carb and fat-do the scale numbers when weighing food apply for man and ladies, meaning that man consume the amount food and as our ladies. In GS I heard the phrase, “positive pitches on Greysheet abstinence”.

Wednesday, April 25, diet plan grey sheet. If milk is used as a protein, some of that milk may be used I had attended GS meetings a few times before I hit my bottom. I ate until my heart pounded in my chest, until I was feverish, until I had to walk bent over, until I sat by the toilet afraid of vomiting from the mass quantities I had consumed.

Watch out for high carbohydrate artificial sweeteners. I always felt odd, different, and heavier than others.

When I was in first or second grade I traded the items on my school lunch plate for the sugar dessert on the plates of my classmates. I tried to save sugar even if it melted because I wanted to eat in isolation. I would cook breakfast items meant for a family, and I’d tell myself I would eat only two. I have also lost 10 lbs. So, I ate another. July 31, at I call it my food cult days. In the past several years I haven’t had to experience those horrible days of binging, purging, and dieting.


I did greysheet for 9 months and lost a lot of weight. While the diet addresses food intake, it does not encourage other lifestyle changes, like regular exercise, that can have a significant impact on long-term, sustainable weight loss.

I found that the Greysheet was bountiful and not restrictive in the way I had once considered it. If a person following the Grey Sheet Diet returns to his previous eating habits, it’s possible he will regain all the weight he lost.

If milk is used as a protein, some of that milk may be used If I thought of a food, I was compulsed to eat it. Salad should be measured at all times. Connie January 7, at 3: This will give you 1 cup of milk all day for coffee.

I was holding on for dear life, white knuckling and terrorized by the food. Please get a sponsor – Greysheet should not be attempted without a sponsor who has a sponsor.

When blood came out in my stool I was referred to the outpatient eating disorders program at a local hospital. Suggestions for Implementing H.

IA it compulsory that I add the fats to lunch and dinner even if I don’t want them? This is NOT nonsense. I was told to eat whatever I wanted in moderation. Devika Mhatre August 22, at My name is [ Anonymous ], and I am a compulsive overeater.


Michelle Anastasio-Festi August 2, at 5: Gomimomo September 27, at 9: Honesty, Openmindedness and Willingness. MarkD January 20, at A good low carb diet plan is you should always trust. Veg Oil, water, salt, spices, sugar. Vitamin supplements — especially ones containing calcium, vitamin E and the B vitamins — are recommended. Friends grew concerned,; acquaintances pulled me aside questioning my skinny body, and my family worried.

I now know that my body is broken, that the full button does not work and that if I listen to my body only, it will say, “more food! Use diet catsup and regular mustards on your meats and fish.

THE DANCE TREATMENT: diet plan grey sheet

A finger salad is three small, raw vegetables or green salad without dressing. Alternate versions of the Grey Sheet Diet may differ in certain specifics, but the geeysheet plan is high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

Could I just eat half an ago with my mwall as either the finger salad at lunch or the green salad at dinner? It is based on, at best, superstition. I wanted to have a stash.