I Ching Hexagram 51 – Discover the meaning and interpretation of Hexagram 51 Zhen (Shocking) from the I Ching Book of Changes. I Ching Reference: Hexagram # The I Ching symbol meaning ‘A Jolt’. Just as a clap of thunder brings a jolt to the sky, this hexagram signifies the imminence. Malka brought up something I had never thought would bode well for love thangs , and that's hex I was shocked pun intended &#

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The hidden influence of Obstruction is always a call to innovate. The clear message here is one of hexagrrama an unconventional or independent point of view: You cannot rescue your followers though your heart may yexagrama for them.

In such times of shock, presence of mind is all too easily lost: Everything will be fine. Therefore he must simply retreat to heights inaccessible to the threatening forces of danger. Step out to meet the new destiny. The “things to be done” are in the middle, hence nothing at all is lost. Some people freeze up when someone does something radically different.

51 Shake/Groundbreaker ZHEN | I Ching: Mothering Change

That affairs need our attention bexagrama indicated by this central line of the upper trigram. Shake stimulates everything that moves or moves in the body, heexagrama the blood, links eyes and sexual organs, desire and anger, vision and motivation, giving the capacity to act decisively. Sometimes when you are stuck, you become a target for the horns of fate.


The sixth line, magnetic, shows its subject, amidst the startling movements of the time, in breathless dismay and looking around her with trembling apprehension. Shake moving without blunder. Adaptability and movement are the wise one’s responses to sudden change. When you believe others are judging you, only turn inward to see how you judge yourself.

The Superior Man in fear and trembling seeks to improve himself. I want an honest understanding of the line as it relates to feelings toward another. The line is dynamic in a dynamic place, and gives a good auspice.

This is a time to accept hexagramz without any hesitations. Line six is magnetic, and must abide the concluding terrors of the movement. The smart move, in such a situation, is to withdraw long enough to gain time, in order to develop a coherent strategy. A chun tzu uses anxious fearing to adjust inspecting. Something shocking or reinvigorating is in the air. A calm reaction — to either gains or losses that may arise — will help you surmount the shocks to your system.

Going ahead brings misfortune.

51 Shake/Groundbreaker ZHEN

The resumption of habits and routines can protect you and keep external misfortunes from infecting your soul. I also learned hexqgrama much I truly want to be in a relationship at this time in my life.


Your worth will soon be recognized. Line 5 A series of repetitious shocks is indicated. But as the mind matures its principles tend to harden and gradually become fixed, and it becomes unable to accept fresh material which will not fit easily into the existing structure.

Rouse new growth by staying calm when others are confused. Thunder comes with a mighty roar which changes to noisy glee — good fortune!

Understanding the necessity of what transpires, fear and trembling give way to tranquility and faith in the way. Clarity is lost because fear is running rampant. Thunder causes trembling and frightened looks.

File:Iching-hexagramsvg – Wikimedia Commons

Thunder is so clapping; looking so scared; to be upright is inauspicious. Harding — Psychic Energy A. All content copyright iFate.

Thus the jun zi reflects and rectifies for fear of being wrong. Provide clear, well-defined and well directed leadership that encourages new activity. The fertilizing shock twists and turns, driving people around you into a frenzy. The fertilizing shock rouses your dormant hexsgrama energy.