“The quilt” (“lihaaf” in urdu) is one of her famous short stories Lihaf: Translated from Urdu, a story by Ismat Chughtai. Whenever I get under my. URDU ADAB: Lihaf; a Famous Urdu Short Story by Ismat Chughtai. Sham Ki Barish (Rain of the Evening) an Urdu novelette based on love story. Lihaf A Beautiful Urdu Short Story By Ismat chughtai. لحاف. You might also like: حوا کی بیٹی تماشہ نہیں Hawa ki Beti Tamasha Nahi Hai A.

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She is such a terror that not all the goons in the world could match up to her. The quilt looked very innocent in the morning. After applying all sorts of sedative techniques chubhtai her, she finally clamed down. Her skin was smooth as if unnaturally stretched.

Shudhh Shakahari Desi – The Masks. How many tires does a car usually have?: Thank goodness Ribbo showed up that night. And look, you are not wearing an undershirt either.

URDU ADAB: Lihaf; a Famous Urdu Short Story by Ismat Chughtai

Ahmad Safi 3 Dr. I expanded my nostrils and tried to smell food. I lied awake under my xhughtai for hours. Her hands were big and slick and she had a slender, sexy waist.

Lihaf ebooks by Ismat Chughtai | Rekhta

Ribbo was still there scratching Begum Jan when I went to bed. Liuaf fights scared the crap out of me. He had taken the financial responsibility urfu all those fair-skinned adolescent boys with slim waists who lived in his house. That poor woman tried everything to get it cured.


Literary Radicalism in India: Her fair body glistened like a flour-dough through her transparent shirt. She threw the gold chain she was putting on me at the moment to the floor and ripped her delicate scarf to shreds.

Rabbo is a servant girl who is not so pretty but very deft with her hands.

I read that Afsaana in urdu but now in English its gave more pleasure The day Begum Jan took a bath…oh my God! Yes you are right in this post what you want to describe i got it. She changed lsmat clothes and then put all that make-up on. I heard two voices whispering. A sleeping cot for me was laid next to her bed. My own brothers and their god-forsaken pathetic friends.

Ismat chughtai’s lihaaf

But she did have a very well proportioned and balanced body. Issmat crawled into my quilt like a mouse. I wanted to run away. This page was last edited on 3 Octoberat Translated from Urdu, a story by Ismat Chughtai Whenever I get under my quilt in wintertime, I see these elephant-like shadows on the wall across, swaying from side to side; then, suddenly, my mind starts to race down the memory lane and I start remembering things.

Naseer Ahmad NAsir 2 Dr. She had light mustache over her upper lip and long curly hair by her temples. Qaisar November 16, at 9: Moazzam December 20, at 6: She started to laugh hard. I never saw her hair part not-straight…not one hair-strand out of place. May your enemies get afflicted with diseases.


Anwar Zahidi 1 Dr. Her perfectly parted hair was now a total mess. The room was very dark. What do you like? imat

Her outspoken and controversial style of writing made her the passionate voice for the unheard, and she has become an inspiration for the younger generation of writers, readers chugthai intellectuals. Qasim Jalal 2 Dr.

Gender, Nation and the Transition to Independence. I wanted to sit by her and admire her face for hours. Frightened, I took my shoes off, quietly got off the cot, and hit the light switch.

Isar Ahmad Safi 1 Dr.

She stared at me. Her husband, the Nawab, was much older than her and was thought to be extremely respectable for never having had any encounters with prostitutes.

Begum Jan was irritable all day. Thanks for posting this!