Getting an Image on the Screen. Last Updated 3/18/ Now that you’ve. Install SDL 2 for Linux command line. Setting up SDL 2 on g++. Last Updated 6/21/ 1)Go download the source for. Render text with TTF fonts in SDL 2.

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Do not delete your posts! Linux Android tutorials are now up! Lesson 16 True Type Fonts. The articles might require you to know more, but they’ll mention it beforehand. If people can’t learn from my tutorials, honestly what good are they? Your First Graphics Window. And guys, most of these issue I was e-mailed about had nothing to do with the site itself. Like before, it’s just a matter of having the headers files, library files, and binary files in the right place with your compiler configured to use them.

The working directory is where your application thinks it is operating. Now if this was the only code for drawing we had, we still wouldn’t see the image we loaded on the screen. We also don’t allow suggestions of piracy.


After setting these two macros, we have the “all” target which compiles the program. Make will search for a file named “Makefile” in the directory Make was called in and run the Makefile that will compile your code.

But you should look at his latest set of tutorials instead: Lesson 12 Color Modulation.

Lazy Foo’ Productions – Hello SDL

There are those out there that try to help out by reporting bugs on the site. That makes you worse than Satan. For my tutorials, you must have a decent handle on the following fo A major issue in multithreaded applications is that you need to make sure that they don’t try to access the same data at the same time.

Here we’ll be using SDL extension libraries and handling changing orientation. In order to run a dynamically linked application, you need to be able to import the library binaries at runtime. An SDL surface is just an image data type that contains the pixels of an image along with all data needed to render it. Get the lazyy version of the font here.

See when you draw to the screen, you are not typically drawing to the image on the screen you see. Also bundling up every tutorial for a single download would cost me hits.


No and any book that does is unauthorized. The output you expected, and what you got instead. In future tutorials, we will be using more libraries.

It may be until March before I can do any significant work on the site again. Lesson 31 Scrolling Backgrounds. Lesson 17 Mouse Events.

Is lazy foo an okay resource to learn SDL? : learnprogramming

Lesson 25 Capping Frame Rate. Lesson 14 Animated Sprites and Vsync.

Extract the source somewhere. Hello SDL Part 2: Lesson 27 Collision Detection. Lesson 15 Rotation and Flipping. Want to add to the discussion?

If I haven’t e-mailed back it’s because I don’t have time to answer it right now.

Welcome to LearnProgramming!

The library file has the Import Address Table so your program can import the functions at runtime. This means the SDL tutorials are now feature complete. In this tutorial we will make a minimalist OpenGL 2.