View and Download Mackie VLZ3 applications online. Spec Sheet. VLZ3 Music Mixer pdf manual download. Also for: vlz3. View and Download Mackie VLZ3 4-Bus overview online. Premium FX mixer With usb. VLZ3 4-Bus Music Mixer pdf manual download. Also for: Get Mackie VLZ3 PDF manuals and user guides, View all Mackie VLZ3 manuals. Add to My Manuals Save this manual to your list of manuals.

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Aux Sends are a fixed post-fader send, perfect for effects. A headphone jack on the rear panel?

The inclusion of these items is gaining popularity with other manufacturers as well, and rightfully so. Answered on Jul 10, Mackie Music Posted on Aug 26, Be the first to answer. And certainly having a built-in USB interface not only lightens my load, but also facilitates a really quick turn-around in terms of getting a sermon podcast online.

Manuall Popular Question peavey xr want use Music.

Review: Audio Review: Mackie 2404-VLZ3 Compact Mixer

There are four stereo returns with various. Answered on May 17, But at the same time, since I’m also responsible for the quality of the audio, I am skeptically optimistic at best when it comes to the fidelity of bantamweight gear with a “small footprint.

Let maackie professionals repair it.

The VLZ3 mic pres have tons of headroom, are dead quiet, and create no coloration whatsoever-I love these. If the compressors sound good, that’s a few less compressors to add pain to my lower back. On most are the XLR inputs with phantom supply. Since the recording can be made directly to the computer, it can be uploaded very quickly, even if basic editing and processing are desired. Since we are always striving to make our products better by incorporating new and improved materials, components, and manufacturing methods, we reserve the right to change these specifications at any time without notice.


I’d suspect bad connections, dirty controls or connectors.

Mackie Music Answered on Dec 26, You cannot power the amps from one end of a building room and the mixer frrom a wall receptacle at the other end. Posted on May 23, Be the first to answer. It may be your power amps are giving out. If you have powered monitors the returns of the aux to the stage go to the powered monitors. My church is a portable “church-in-a-box” that leases time in an elementary school gymnasium in Gilbert, Ariz. Mackie Music Answered on Sep 29, When i turn the compressor knob up to use compression, it will work for about one second and then stop working.


This pair is fixed in post-fader mode, so they’re not particularly useful for monitors. Answered on Apr 13, Another user had the Zener D9 fail which would cause the problem.

There are three major features that make this mixer stand out: These have 24 and 32 mqnual channels, respectively, and the “04” designation refers to the fact that these are both four-bus mixers. I would have expected you to be using the group outs for the monitor mixes and am not sure what you may be using them for otherwise. Meter the voltage across C3 probably about 60 volts and D9 and C4 47 volts.


The compressors are surprisingly transparent, considering their fixed 6: Recent Popular Answered Unanswered.

Use of TS unbalanced cables costs you 6 DB and also noise pickup. Mackie cfx mkii series cfx 12 line mixer: All other Msnual the schematic at: That’s fine, because it’s not huge and isn’t that heavy, but it is solidly constructed and feels sturdy.

Mackie – VLZ3 – Owner’s Manual (Deutsch)

The one absurd item on the back panel is the headphone macike. The auxiliaries allow for really flexible routing, although it would be nice to have an option to switch auxes five and six to pre-fader mode, to allow a completely independent stereo recording via the USB interface. That leaves only 1 aux. First check C4 as that cap is run TOO close to the rating of 50 volts If we’re lucky, that will fix it.