Sochi Bid Books are available online · Olympics January 16th, Sochi Bid Books are available online in PDF format at sochicom!. 18 Jun including the Sochi Bid Books, texts of Federal laws of the Russian Federation and. Governmental Decrees with regard to the WOPG. 8 Feb Sochi ; Official report now available to download. Sochi official report. Download link: RERO DOC. Files: Volume 1; Volume 2 (2.

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Moratorium on interest on mortgages. Vasil Levski National Stadium.

Although an IOC evaluation team complimented the area on levels of public support, government support, and infrastructure in February[2] the bid was also criticized because Pyeongchang was not a popular tourist destination, the venue relied heavily on artificial snow due to a dry winter climate, boko slopes were relatively short, and local amenities were poorly developed. Venue operation and maintenance. Sofia submitted its application in the city’s third attempt to land the Winter Games, after losing the and nominations to Albertville and Lillehammerrespectively.

The Sochi Games were also among the top 10 of Wikipedia articles that were most frequently edited and viewed infurther attesting to the public interest in the event Keegan When the costs per sports event are calculated — one way of standardizing expenditure by controlling for the size of the Olympics — Sochi leaps to the front.

Play the Game – After Sochi Costs and impacts of Russia’s Olympic Games

The Paralympics will be held from March 7— In the second and final round, Pyeongchang received 47 votes, but Sochi received 51 votes and was therefore chosen as the host of the Olympics. The candidate cities were invited to submit their candidature file, which is a detailed description of their Olympic plans, and sochii prepare for a visit by the IOC Evaluation Commission.

Tax break for owners of Olympic infrastructure.

It is hard to see how the revenues from the after-use would cover these costs, let alone recoup the construction costs for the venues. The primary venue for outdoor sports was the ski resort in Krasnaya Polyanadesigned by the same company who worked on ski slopes for the Winter Olympicsand scheduled to open in You can find out more about our use of cookies and personal data in our privacy policy.


The following applicant cities have been approved by their National Olympic Committees [3] and submitted their applications to the IOC, but were not selected as candidates by the executive board. They also experienced significant cost overruns as the final budget was several times higher than the budget in the bid book. Kulchitskaya ; Sylt and Reid ; Tovkaylo ; Volkov Table 3 lists an overview of expenses and foregone interest that the Russian government has already announced, including the costs for the maintenance and operation of Olympic venues, the operation of Formula 1 as an after-use of the Olympic Park, tax breaks for owners of Olympic infrastructure, and the moratorium on interests owed for Olympic mortgages with the state VneshEconom bank.

The schedule of trains, however, was not synchronized, causing long waiting times for that journey. The Opening and Closing Ceremonies were expected to take place in the natural amphitheatre in the centre of Bakuriania suburb of Borjomi. The historic Medew ice rink would have been the speed skating venue and would have been covered for the Games. Note that the selected candidate cities, and in particular Sochi, have changed their venues plan afterwards in the final proposal to the IOC.

Estimation of future costs of Sochi Olympic venues and tourist infrastructure. Sochi bid for the Winter Olympics. The Games were proposed to be held in two locations: These documents have been made public in the following days. There were two rounds of voting at the session that decided which city would host the games.

The after-use that exists is mostly not specific to the purpose of the venues; i. With several new power stations, it also boasts a more reliable energy supply. The city had already planned to host the Winter Asian Games. Cycling and other means of slow transport have received more attention and separate road spaces. They all sent their respective questionnaire answers by 1 February The oversized and expensive infrastructure and the dire economic situation of many investors, unable to recoup their investments or even fund operating costs, will require funding for years to come.


The bid was quite compact with all the ice events in downtown Almaty and the alpine events in nearby Kumbel. This page was last edited on 6 Novemberat Preliminary ice hockey competitions were to take place in Jaca and Huesca.

The railway connection from Sochi and the airport to the mountains has not become, as its Russian name lastochka suggests, a swift swallow, but rather a lame duck. Flyvbjerg and Stewart ; own calculations.

La RomaredaZaragoza. In nominal terms, the whole project became about 4.

After Sochi 2014: Costs and impacts of Russia’s Olympic Games

One of the main reasons that Jaca didn’t make the short list is that the Opening and Closing Ceremonies were not scheduled to take place in Jaca which is in contradiction with article It was one of the biggest events innot just for Russia but also for the world.

Other after-use plans require significant additional investments. The high number of boko rooms and strong public and political support from the city were expected to strengthen the bid’s chances. Bids for the Olympic Games.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Olympic Stadium, which hosted just two events, the opening and the closing ceremony, is undergoing reconstruction for sochk several matches during the FIFA World Cup to be held in Russia, but for that purpose it will have to be expanded by another 22014, seats and converted for an additional cost of 3.

This is not counting the cost of other measures, such as moving state-sponsored events to Sochi to fill empty rooms, which is a net loss somewhere else in Russia. The cities had to submit their applications to the IOC by 28 July