Part 1 one contains the scope of application and a newly enlarged section on definitions. Part 2 lays down basic duties and the revised basic principles of. The amendment of the German StrlSchV (radiation protection ordinance) brings inter alia: introduction of new dose quantities for ambient dose and personal. The procedure for clearance of (contaminated or activated) material is regulated in Sect. 29 of the German radiation protection ordinance.

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Part 2 lays down basic duties and the revised basic principles of radiation protection as applied to the purposeful use of stglschv substances, referred to in the text as ”activities”. Adopted at the rd meeting of the German Commission on Radiological Protection on 15 and 16 September Part 4 contains consumer protection provisions which prohibit or strictly limit the use of radioactive substances in products used in the consumer sphere.

Standard Search Advanced Search. A metrological test is designed to determine whether a tolerance range, and hence its pertinent requirements, have been complied with. Reference Number Reference Number.


A requirement may be deemed complied with, i. Alternatively, transparent conservative estimates of measurement uncertainties can be provided which are based on information from other sources guidelines, standards, recommendations from specialist societies, etc.

Translation of “StrlSchV” in German

This requires a measurement uncertainty along with the measured quantity value as an estimate for the true value underlying the measurement. Navigation and service Go to: Part 3 expands the Ordinance’s previous scope in the area of exposure to natural radiation sources not associated with any ”purposeful use tsrlschv radioactive substances”, a category referred to as ”work” situations.

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This recommendation serves to enable a uniform procedure to be used to test conformity with requirements. Javascript must be enabled for narrowing.

Konrad – Type approval procedure pursuant to RöV and StrlSchV

The requirements placed upon metrological tests conducted within the scope of radiation protection are often defined by tolerance ranges strlzchv are stipulated by legal limits or minimum technical requirements set out in guidelines and standards.

The full measurement result is therefore needed in order to assess this situation. In doing so, the measured quantity value may well be within the tolerance range, yet the true value of the measurand may in fact be outside of the tolerance strlwchv. It also contains some new limit values concerning previously existing provisions.


German radiation protection ordinance (StrlSchV), as amended ..|INIS

Get permanent URL for this record. This in turn requires a mathematical and statistical strlcshv. German radiation protection ordinance StrlSchVas amended on 20 July The measurement uncertainties to be taken into account must first be determined in order to be able to assess whether the measurement results comply with the requirements.

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English-German Dictionary

Please provide a name for this query: The enclosure contains detailed examples on how to use the recommendations in practice. Part 5 contains general regulations that are applicable to all parts of the Ordinance.

As there is a great deal of demand for recommendations relating to this topic, the recommendation has been laid out such that it can xtrlschv universally applied.

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