AFTO Form H, Aerospace Vehicle Flight Status and Maintenance Document. AFTO Form J, Aerospace Vehicle Engine Flight Document. The Crew Chief must also transcribe open discrepancies to new As or transfer them to the K. AFTO Form J (Aerospace vehicle – Engine Flight. Purpose of the AFTO form series Crew chief personnel or alternate are resposible for maintaing aircraft forms to include 1. Initiation . AFTO Form J.

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What best describes the use of the afto form ? Does that sound right to you?? Send completed form to unit operations. Posted August 1, Just needed a memory jogger.

I believe all the information you are talking about was found on the and A. Sign up for a new account in our community. The AFTO FORM series collectively provides a maintenance, inspection, service, configuration, status, and flight record for the particular aerospace vehicles and trainers for which they are maintained.

I seem to remember turning over the completed forms after carrying forward any open items to the shift supervisor you know, the guy in the bread truck who was never around when you needed him. C General Search In.


I would also assume that the records are only kept for a designated number of years or, in this day and age, may be computerized. The AFTO form f contains what information? Posted August 4, How do you pull Air Force aircraft forms?

They had a place for the Julian Date, the discrepancy, of course the status or severity of the discrepancy, the diagonal such as the BPO and Preflight and non-grounding things.

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What is a afto form j

Retrieved from ” https: Crewchief, I’m going to have to get back to this site more often. Then the bottom half of the action taken or something like that and acto of course who signed it off! That’s not saying there weren’t, I just don’t remember doing that. The qfto vehicle commander will complete blocks 1, 6 through 33, 35, and 36 in accordance with AFI The grease, oil and blood comment was right on.

That is a truly old document that makes me think that there are more similar ones out there somewhere! End your drudgery task you IT professionals to maintain the IT systems!


AFTO Form 781 Series

You do the aircraft they do the IT! They were almost semi-permanent and some writeups there could be in the forms until the next major depot overhaul. I do remember giving the completed forms to the expediter truck driver bread truck driver. What do you fellow crew chiefs n, wouldn’t it be fun to go through them again???

Ken, Here is a list of the forms. Block 13 is used to give to account number or shop code the cost of repair will be billed. Since I was still stationed at Naha during that time, makes it aafto more real!!

What AFTO form is used to document afho aircraft and engine time? They had how mal code, ie broke, my favoritenumber of units etc.

It makes me think there is something similar for Acft or out there also. Would you like to merge this question into it?