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hi admin i have battery lenovo v, ibm x60 i read and reset ok but it is run about time charge and discharge it is lost current and volt. I have this dell battery with this chip bq+bq and I connected SCL to SCL, SDA to SDA, 5V to +, the accu has 12 V, each cell 4,2 V. hi admin before i user ver for to do sony firmware now i update to ver so i can to do with sony firmware if i can so i can not reset battery.

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I would like to ask You, maybe someone knows how to unlock charging in dell batteries with external power supply?

Menu Search through millions of questions and answers User. How to reset this controller chips? Rafael Send April 7, at 6: I was able to run bruteforce loops on b8030 bq without needing to add any delay.

Theoretically you could turn it into a bq20z90 by downloading the firmware from one and uploading that. Do you have another question? Nov 21, 10 0. Can you share your eeprom dump?

Battery EEPROM Works • View topic – dell battery RN87 bq+bq

Viktor March 20, at I have a lenovo battery with two IC 1: Default unseal key found on TI support page seems to be changed by pack manufacturer.

Some experience with electronics and reverse engineering binary data files is required. Another question is about so called ‘partial reset’ of the controller.


After waiting for a night the cells from the old and new pack had the same voltage. So, I bought some Panasonic NCRB Cells mah for 6 euro a piece can be bought cheaply here in China, just watch out for fakes and decided to put them in.

In my battery Sanyo Lenovo 42T start of log area 0x is kind of duplicated at 0x and only fiddling with bytes at the later offset takes an effect.

Rebuild battery with bq29330 & bq8030

Bq030 haven’t actually tried any of this, it just usually works like this I have no idea what a “partial reset” is according to TI, unfortunately The bq is not a valid fuel gauge number that I know of. I haven’t worked on them and Dells seem to be one of those packs that have “special” firmwares based on screenshots from payware battery hacking software.

Maybe someone knows smbus command to unlock charge? And have you ever deal with sealed bq20z90 with ti firmware? Travis is correct in pointing to the bq20zXX catalog devices for application notes and datasheets. FX2LIB should provide that functionality in the form of having a define for the port’s registers.

Viktor November 28, at If not then pretty much yes.

You May Also Like: So supposed it may be another access level related command. Anonymous September 3, at Ask a new question Ask a new question Cancel. Nothing can be read from both as error is returned. Denis Serik December 18, at Ah yes, that message was fixed quite a while ago but the windows binary release is a bit outdated.

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Viktor March 9, at 3: I am using Linux ubuntu. From this point i could start working with.

Bq Led Driver Ic For Laptop – Buy Bq Product on

In that case you’d probably have to try the pin28 glitching method I described in the post to get into the boot-rom first. About Us Contact Hackaday. We are glad that we were able to resolve this issue, and will now proceed to close this thread.

I managed to repair 85Wh battery. I had several controller boards to sacrifice so I didn’t care. I don’t understand, how do you know about 0x password and I fully not understand 0xfdc Mateusz Grzywacz December 23, at 8: It is possible to flash firmware between chips but you need to be in the boot-rom otherwise the tool won’t work.

Luckily at the moment I am living in Shanghai, so I went to a small electronics factory and spot welded some bq803 to the batteries I did it myself and connected them together in a 3×2 batteries in series way.

You should look into how computers store numbers. Viktor December 17, at 3: