Author of a comprehensive philosophical polemic against *Christianity, The True Doctrine, written probably between and (Origen, C. Cels. 8. 69, 71). On the True Doctrine has ratings and 9 reviews. David S. T. said: Sadly this book, like countless others, is currently lost, but a decent amount of t. CELSUS (ECE) Wrote”On the True Doctrine, known primarily from the polemical book, “Contra Celsum,” written br Origen of Alexandria in response the .

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And how will you show him to me?

The True Doctrine of Celsus

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. The flood which occurred in the time of Deucalion, and the conflagration in that of Phaethon, were comparatively modern and more recent than any others. The issues he raise are precisely the core of the “problem of evil” which has so occupied the minds of theologians.

Benia Kuzia rated it it was amazing Jun 29, We might adduce Herodotus as a witness on this point, for he expresses himself as follows: You were hanging high in the ether of clouds. These most rustic of mankind carefully incite young boys to wickedness, and women to forsake their fathers and teachers, and follow them, calling those teachers triflers and fools, who teach better things.

Celsus’s late second century “On the True Doctrine: The Christians repel every wise man from the doctrine of their faith, and invite only the ignorant and the vulgar; Christianity appears an object of veneration to men of the more servile class alone. How then can the pious mind admit that those things which are said to have happened to him, could have happened to one who is God?

In many ways, it felt like a contemporary piece as many of his jabs are still relevant today.

A True Discourse

At times Celsus can go overboard in his name calling of Christians, but it does show that early Christianity mostly catered to lower classes that wer Celsus’ wit is fantastic. He who had been sold behaved kindly to his brethren who had sold him, when they were suffering celuss hunger, and had been sent with their asses to purchase provisions. Moses and the prophets, who have left to them their books, not knowing at all what the nature of the world is, and of man, have woven together a web of sheer nonsense.


Now what old woman would not be ashamed to utter such things in a whisper, even when making stories to lull an infant to sleep? The allegorical explanations which have been devised are much more shameful and absurd than the fables themselves, inasmuch as they endeavor to unite with marvellous and altogether insensate folly things which cannot at all be made to harmonize.

The Jews cwlsus, and these Christians, have the same God.

But that land which is pure lies in the pure region of heaven. At times Celsus can go overboard in his name calling of Tthe, but it does show that early Christianity mostly catered to lower classes that were not very literate.

The following, then, is the manner in which they proceed: Irrational animals are more beloved by God than men, and have a purer knowledge of divinity.

Some very few individuals who are considered Christians, of the more intelligent class, make objections against the doctrine of Jesus. For if any one were to make this proposal to all men, viz. While undergoing his punishment he was seen by all men, but after his resurrection by one, whereas the opposite ought to have happened.

The True Word – Wikipedia

He really hates that Christians are exclusive in there beliefs, he feels that all people have worshiped the same celuss god, Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, although they call him by different names, where as Christians think they exclusively know him and he can’t believe that Christians also raise a man Jesus to being equal to the supreme god showing that back in AD Christians were celus worshiping Jesus as god.

Hutchinson rated it really liked it Apr 20, Ghe is an authoritative account from the very beginning, respecting which there is a constant agreement among all the most learned nations, and cities, and men. Cultural, Social, and Historical Contexts. Wherefore, in honoring and worshipping all belonging to God, we will not displease him to whom they all belong.


Let this band, then, take its departure, after paying the penalty of its vaunting, not tne a knowledge of the great God, but being led away and deceived by the artifices of Moses, having become his pupil to no good end. Speaking of prophets in his own time, Celsus says: Thus they are won over through vain hopes.

From such signs and misinterpretations, and from proofs so mean, no one could prove him to be God, and the son of God. After so long a period of time, then, did God now bethink himself of making men live righteous lives, but neglect to do so before? In The True WordCelsus attacked Christianity in three ways; by refuting its philosophical claims, by marking it as a phenomenon associated with the uneducated and lower class, and by cautioning his audience that it was a danger to the Roman Empire.

The christian threaten others with this punishment, just as they are themselves threatened. They answer that they were won over to him, because they know that his punishment doctrone undergone to bring about the destruction of the father of evil.

On the True Doctrine: The wars among the bees convey instruction as to the manner in which wars, if ever there arise a necessity for them, should be waged in a just and orderly way among men. There is to be found among many nations a general relationship of doctrine, as among the Egyptians, and Assyrians, and Indians, and Persians, and Odrysians, and Samothracians, and Eleusinians and Hyperboreans.

That I may give a true representation of their faith, I will use their own words, as given in what is called A Heavenly Dialogue: