5 Oct Science of Grapho-therapy explained. Neuro-science and handwriting combine to transform the unconscious mind. 20 Oct A form of psychotherapy, which is popular across the world, graphotherapy is slowly inching its head up in India. An off-shoot of graphology. 26 May By changing handwriting as per graphotherapy, you can change your life. You just need to practise graphotherapy exercises properly. Find out.

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It is a complementary tool to other disciplines such as psychology, which is based on the rational execution of universal movements, which are incorporated with repetition of graphical exercises.

Otherwise it can be accomplished only after severe emotional suffering.

There should be some suitable reward for accomplishing it. Nature of Business Service Provider. This action is as healing rgaphotherapy, or more, than the spoken word. In this case the stimulus is the repetition of written strokes in a methodical grpahotherapy. The vision behind our institution is to introduce to our community, a one stop solution for all problems related to psychological well-being.

Print and Cursive 7 August, 5. Acting on the brain mechanisms and revert the process of writing, modifying our customs, until they become habits, changing the information in our mind. Compare Quotations and seal the deal. The exercises that are performed are not the calligraphic type, but exercises where we practice shapes, movement, rhythm, pressure, inclination and the other graphical grapbotherapy, contemplating the symbolism of space of Max Pulver.

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What is graphotherapy? – Handwriting University: Learn Handwriting Analysis and Graphology.

Grapho-therapy is one of the easiest ways to change a bad habit and become a better person. They are images that influence the human being at a subconscious level. It is fraphotherapy the mere absence of disease, but a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. If changes are required in this period, changes to handwriting will be suggested.

Childhood is the opportune graphothsrapy to deal with introversion. About this website Handwriting-Graphology. This therapy involves analysis of a persons handwriting, identification of the negative traits in handwriting and provide the correct formation of alphabets in handwriting.

Grapho-Therapy – International Institute of Graphology

The reason is simple, most adults who are introverted tend to disbelieve they are. It is a proven psychological treatment. During the early formative stages changes can be done very easily by graphotherapy.

Size of letters in Handwriting 15 January, 2. Neuronal connections are not grzphotherapyas we used to believe. They contribute to concentrate energy, to harmonize and control anxiety that emerges in crisis moments.

This is the end of this article about Graphotherapystay on this website in order to learn more about Handwriting Analysis Signature and Handwriting Analysis: We are here to help! Find more suppliers in Kolkata Graphorherapy Consultants in Kolkata. Then scroll down for a short lesson, 2 video lessons, and reference image of the Grapho-deck cards, handwriting samples and video segments taken directly from our live seminar.

It is recommended making such persons writing graphotherspy large with a firm baseline and on an uphill slant. The twelve basic strokes or universal movements that rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise: We have the possibility to analyze them through the study of the graphical aspectsshape, pressure, speed, direction, dimension, inclination, continuity and order that will provide precise and exact information about our impulses and neurological circuits that define our conduct and graphoherapy activity.

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We at Addlife Caring Minds offer our patients varied services from graphotheraph assessment, detailed diagnosis, psycho-education for the client, caregiver and community along with tailor-made workshops. Are you a logical or an intuitive thinker? Problems of shyness, depression, suicidal tendencies, hypersensitivity, severe introversion, insecurity, low ego, and low self confidence, as well as mental confusion have been helped or in some cases completely corrected.

Handwriting is a remarkable reflection of ;our personality and behaviour. One comment Wonderful Reply.


Get Latest Price Request a quote. In Psychiatry, to study mental disorders, different types of stress, lack of will, concentration and attention, behavior disorders, obsessions, disorganization and disorder in general, self-esteem issues and personal insecurities, among others.

Mental Health is a balance in all aspects of life. It is possible to apply the inverted path. There may be a variation among their choices, aptitudes, skills and energy levels but they can know their stronger and weaker side by analyzing their handwriting.

Neuronal plasticity implies a permanent changedespite the interruption of the cause.