27 Sep Only users with Admin Superuser privileges can login to the Primavera P6 Administrator remotely. If you are logged into P6 but do not have the. Primavera – Administator’s Guide. Using the Administrator’s Guide. This book is a step-by-step guide to installing and configuring. Primavera software. Oracle Primavera P6 – Integration API Administrator’s Guide. Using this Administrator’s Guide. This guide describes the steps required to install the Primavera.

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You can use any valid URL. In the Allow Auto-Summarize Option field, choose true to allow automatic summarization to be available in Resource Staffing user preferences or false to disable the auto-summarize option.

In the Maximum Projects in Portfolio field, enter the maximum number of projects primaveraa when creating a portfolio with a filter. You do not need to restart the server after changing the value of this setting. In the Filter Portfolio Stale Period field, enter a time period of inactivity that indicates a filtered portfolio should be admon when a user views the projects of a filtered portfolio in either a dashboard or portfolio view.

Configuring Notification Settings in Application Settings.

To set your application settings: If you change the admib key value, you must also specify the same value in the Contract Management Administration Application. The default is 5.

In the Maximum Transactions for Excel Import of Resources field, enter the maximum number of transactions activities or resources that can be imported at once from an. Choose false if you don’t want to use hijack checking. You can use the local help only if you installed and deployed the p6tmhelp. This setting will also impact P6 Team Member. Choose false if you do not want to use CSRF. In the Maximum Portlets per Dashboard field, enter the maximum number of portlets that can display in a dashboard on the Dashboards Primaevra page.


The URL might be case-sensitive, depending on your application primaavera configuration. Enter anything from If you notice dates and tasks are admun by an hour in your P6 Team Member interfaces, the time difference could be caused by this setting.

In the Ignore Daylight Savings Time field, choose false to recognize daylight savings time or true to ignore it. This will ensure there are no orphan transactions. In the Configurations tab, expand your configuration.

In the Dashboards and Project Workspace page of P6, users can create custom acmin. If greater thanthe Maximum memory allocated to Java Applets setting guidf be or greater see Configuring Client Properties Settings. In the Transaction Monitor Execution Interval field, enter how often the transaction monitor job will run.

In the Database Dropdown Key field, enter the keyword to use for enabling database selection control in the login page. In the Maximum Loaded Resource Planning Projects field, enter the maximum number of projects that can open in the Resource Planning spreadsheet.

Set this to pirmavera empty string if you do not want to require the keyword. In the Maximum Activities per Activity View field, enter the maximum number of activities that can display in the Activities tab of the Projects section. In the Maximum Assignments per Assignment View field, enter the maximum number of assignments that can appear in an assignment view.


Installation and Configuration Guides for On-Premises

In the Maximum Resource Chart Group Limit field, enter the maximum number of charts that are allowed while grouping the project in Resource Analysis views. In the Maximum Projects per Portfolio View field, enter the maximum number of projects that can lrimavera in a portfolio view on the Portfolio Analysis tab and in Portfolio View portlets on dashboards. Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox will prompt users to download adjin document file instead of viewing the document directly in the P6 browser.

The default is Manage Access to Multiple Database Instances. To get it to reappear, you need to clear the cookies for P6. Assigning a key encrypts the password that is part of the URL for a guied portlet. By default, the password is not encrypted. You can also use the value you specify as the keyword to bypass the database requirement when logging into the server for P6.