American Psycho has ratings and reviews. brian said: jason, an old See all 19 questions about American Psycho Shelves: libros-en-digital. O Psicopata Americano has ratings and reviews. Lauryl said: I actually read this book a few years ago, but I stumbled across the Goodreads. Descarga Libros Gratis pdf: Bret Easton Ellis – American

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I’ve never in my life felt so guilty I’ve been putting off writing a review of this novel because I have so many conflicting emotions about it. But it is worth reading and considering it, at the very least. You know you are being taken for a ride but you don’t care.

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American Psycho

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. For me there is no exit means A Serial Killer Novel T. But, living in the society in which he does, love is an illusory concept, just like truth, compassion, and morals. Which one of you is ready to snap? See all 1, reviews. Sadly animals were harmed in the story. What good does it do for a society that starts to laugh at its own sense of intellectual superiority, using a piece of art that depicts brutality as its occasion for ostensible social diagnosis, and thinks it’s just super-freaking-cool for doing so?

There is no gore or hardly any until page or a little after, which is where I stopped reading. I did enjoy the book and later the film. Previous page of related Sponsored Products. Feb 16, Jonathan Janz maericano it it was amazing. But it illustrates something: To me he’s more like a parrot, repeating the refrain of a sick culture.

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It left me pissed off and angry, and of course the natural target for that anger is Brett Easton Ellis. Just suck it up and take it. Want to Read saving…. To the reader, he is initially just another self-absorbed upper-class asshole who lives a very extravagant, promiscuous and drug-fueled lifestyle.

Patrick Bateman is a misogynistic piece of crap. Boredom – way more than the graphically americno and disturbing – is unforgivable to me. Yes, the title does clearly suggests psychotic events will be found in the book but I wasn’t ready for the extreme graphic descriptions of brutality depicted.

What the amrricano does not do, to any extent, is shy away from truth or sugarcoat the ugliness of a society obsessed with surface and possessions; a society overcome by greed. When I first started reading, I was pssicopata baffled as all the story entailed was Patricks self centered life, filled with his self absorbed unlikeable friends doing absolutely nothing worthwhile.

In fact, one could say that a surface obsessed society creates monsters like Bateman.

O Psicopata Americano by Bret Easton Ellis (1 star ratings)

But I’m not giving anyone any ideas. They’re his friends and peers, or at least they enjoy the same restaurants. Patrick is the main character and he is insane but it obviously isn’t about him. Bateman’s cynicism and his dislike of the insufferable people that surround him would likely win over most readers very quickly; we would connect with his unhappiness and quickly come to empathize with a man who’s struggling to find out what is wrong with his life, even though he has a dream job, everything he’ll ever need, and a potentially dream life.



He is also a psychopath. Laughter- the good laughter, the really potent stuff, the laughter of exorcism- don’t come cheap.

Phil Collinswhose solo career is referenced in the book, recalled: The story is llbro from the perspective of a wealthy investment banker named Patrick Bateman who lives on one of the most expensive and lbro streets in New York City. I need to reread the book to give a deeper review, and to mark it as I said above. I could never imagine psicopatx sane individual doing these things. The truly distressing thing, though, was checking a few clips on Youtube.

Ellis alternates between excessively black humour and a more tragic kind of honesty. Before every nasty killing, Bateman goes on a diatribe about the music of one o When a book sticks with you, you know it is powerful. Bret Easton Ellis is an incredible writer, bringing us into this highly deviant mind.

In the end, there’s only one question that’s important here: Punto De Lectura February 15, Language: The movie was so much better!