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Rockwool Slabs conform to BS Products and manufacturers of construction materials. Adhesives, Glues for wood for foils for aerated concrete for thermal insulation for parquet for PVC for tile, for glaze.

Product conpit scenography Product heating Styrofoam with bitumen board facade profiles sandwich panels.

Office Sofia Office Vidin. Kinds of wool ceramic wood and hemp rock wool glass sheep wool aerogel. Our export experience more than conlig years. It is a zero-clearance feed-though which passes through solid ceilings as well as solid and lightweight partition walls.

Faience and terracotta Showerenclosures and bathtubs Sanitary faience Mixers and armatures Bathroom cabinets and accessories for bathroom. Acoustic Control The Slabs are particularly suitable for acoustic infills in partitions and ceilings, providing a high level of control of both airborne and structure-borne sound. They may be used at much higher temperatures, but some resin will be lost close to the hot surface.

Thermal insulation

Suspended ceilings Plasterboard Gypsum-fiber board Cement-bonded particleboards Materials for dry construction Angles, tapes, strips Consoles, inspection outsets, lighting systems Paneling. RW2 Slabs can also be used to stop small voids, in particular the gap under pitched tiled roofs in dwellings.


Paints enamels emulsions for concrete for wood for facades structural high temperature. Rockwool mineral wool works in two distinct ways to reduce noise, either by impeding the transmission of sound through an element orckwool the structure or by absorption of sound at the surface.

The fire tests showed that our system pipes can be fed through elements cpnlit to separate spaces without this having an impact on their fire resistance classification. Products and manufactures of machinery and construction tools.

The system solution is paramount when installing Roth floor heating and cooling systems. RW2 slabs are suitable for upgrading the sound insulation of a timber floor and the fire resisting floor detailed cnlit FR will give a significant improvement in airborne sound insulation.


Yes, we haveboth in Europe and Middle East. China rockwool price China rockwool ceiling China rockwool insulation.

China rockwool plate China rockwool blanket China waterproof rockwool. Very specialized category for thermal and acoustic insulation of pipelines of various kinds. Wood stains wood rockeool impregnates varnish glazes oils.

Contact Supplier Start Order. Description Dimensions Standard size: Ceramic wool Promat Thermal Ceramics Vitcas. This provides a degree of certainty in terms of planning and installation and guarantees users that the building will operate safely. Form of Insulation Wool mats slab laggings granules self-adhesive laminate. If you want to be kept informed about new products on the site, subscribe to our newsletter.

They are manufactured in a variety of thicknesses and densities to suit most requirements. The average diameter of fiber. Protective sheet coats aluminum galvanized steel stainless acid resistant. Are you a trader or manufacturer? Zhengzhou Rosewool Insulation Refractory Co. Fastening systems and instruments.


It is not practical to place reliance on differences of co-efficients of less than 0. Department – Lagging insulation. Applications in construction flat roofs slanting roofs facades ventilated roof the floor on joists. They are inflammable and provide heat and sound insulation.

Rockwool Conlit U System | | Oryx

Olbrzymi proponowany przez Conlih. The more sound that a surface absorbs, the higher its absorption co-efficient. Rigid Slabs can be used in industrial applications such as acoustic splitters and acoustic damping of ducts.

Nitera Construction Systems Ltd. Bitumen waterproofing Waterproofing foils and membranes Geosynthetic Alternative waterproofing Accessories for waterproofing.

Polyethylene Armacell Dow Nmc Thermaflex. It offers greater flexibility in design terms for planning and setting up building services installations, for example, when positioning manifolds either inside or outside of fire compartments — especially in larger residential or office buildings, or specialised buildings.

Form of the product paints foils and membranes liquid foils Insulation masses. Groups of tools Wall Chasers grout spreader Saw. What is the delivery time? Protective coats of aluminum foil pipelines bends other surfaces. Roth Werke from Buchenau has successfully conducted fire tests on its product systems in collaboration with Rockwool 10 Gladbeck.