yee shuka saptati grandam gurunchi nenu vinnanu online lo chadive avakasam ravadam chala goppadi very nice and rare book. 2, Views. 3 Favorites. 19 Jan [1] Sukasaptati (Shuka Saptati) is constructed from the Sanskrit words shuka ( parrot) and saptati (seventy). The earliest surviving Sukasaptati. About the Book Shuka saptati or seventy Tales of the Parrot is a famous cycle of stories in Sanskrit literature. The tales are told by a pet parrot to its young.

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It has a simple, sometimes abrupt style, with brief sentences and occasional condensation of the narrative to the point of saptato. Brahma is clearly of limited intelligence — he makes valuable wool grow on the sheep but not on the much larger elephant. There are no discussion spatati on this book yet. There are two versions of the work available in Sanskrit, the simplicior version attributed to a Brahmin Chintamani has been described as having a “simple, somewhat abrupt style” while the ornatior version, attributed to a Jain monk Shvetambara is “elaborate and ornate”.

Sanskrit literature Indian folklore. Jahnabi rated it really liked it Feb 23, This may have shocked the pioneering historians of Suka literature. In the 14th century, Persian scholar Nakhshabi translated it as Tutinama.

Sukasaptati: parrot instructs men in guile

Though the collection’s oldest known manuscript dates back only to the 15th century, there are references to it in other works much earlier. At the end of the story, Padmavati decides not to go for her rendezvous that night. Some others of this type, for example, tales 49, 63 and 68, are obscure and obviously incomplete in the form in which they have come down.


The oldest known manuscript of the Shuka Saptati is from the fifteenth century AD. Current scholarship dates it, as such, to not later than the second part of the twelfth century AD, though many of its stories may be much older. Parasites surround the young, rich son of a merchant whom the courtesan and her keeper ensnare like bees around a lotus. Like a good kavi, he describes the sunrise and the sunset, the arrival of spring and so on, but in a manner that owes more to his invention that to poetic convention.

It portrays a society where women’s sexuality is openly accepted and prostitutes are accepted as a semi-legitimate part of society. That text is of the simplifier recession, though this detail has not been mentioned in its published version. The parrot repeated this again and again until finally the husband asked the parrot for an explanation. The others have been presented in verse form for closer correspondence with the original text. The wife manages it by having her lover dress up as a lunatic and grab her — as a result, she is able to truthfully swear that no one except her husband and the lunatic has ever touched her in her life.

Rambhika sought sex with the young Brahmin. Neither is considered the or-text. Thus I sinned only in thought, but never by deed.

The parrot recited softly: JS rated it really liked it Apr 21, A male parrot that her husband had received as a gift spoke to Prabhavati about her planned adulterous tryst:. Current scholarship dates the book in its current form to the 12th century, though the individual stories in it are much older and are often found saptatk the Jataka tales and in the Kathasaritsagara.


Filled with curiosity, Prabhavati stayed to listen to the story. Moreover, it is considered disreputable. This will help us make recommendations and send discounts and sale information at times.


Please read our Privacy Policy for details. Anish Sharma marked it as to-read Dec 16, The present This is a well known cycle of stories in classical Sanskrit literature. Many Shuka Saptati stories can themselves be traced to other sources like the Kathdsarits4qara and the collections of fables already mentioned.

Śukasaptati – Wikipedia

In one story, a father engages a procuress to teach his son the art of safeguarding his wealth szptati the guiles of courtesans. Thanks a lot Exotic India family for such a fantabulous response. Return to Book Page.

The mischievous idol grabs her lips and wouldn’t let go. Academic opinion holds that the work was in existence long before it emerged shu,a the form in which it is now available. Lists with This Book.

Afterwards you can listen to this long story if your pretty eyes are still interested. But then I fell into bad company, and wanted to take a lover. I will be ordering from you again. Based on your browsing history. Rambhika then had sex with the young Brahmin. Suneel Appaji marked it as to-read May 13, She agrees, and every night for the next seventy nights, she gets ready to meet him.

This is a well known cycle of stories in classical Sanskrit literature. Exotic India has excellent and speedy service.

It involves a woman who has promised to kiss the idol of Ganapati if she achieves a particular wholly legitimate goal.