30 Dec The ancient Tamil epic Silapathikaram narrates the story of Kovalan and There will be English translations throughout the performance so. 2 Nov On the contrary, Silappathikaram or the story of the jeweled anklet in Tamil is the first and foremost epic depicting the story of common men in. He wrote: ‘I have no hesitation in pressing for English editions, for the reason that Literally the title means ‘the story that centres around a silambu or anklet’.

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All Puhar celebrated it with pomp and splendour. An Epic of South India”. His idea was to dispose of a silambii in the bazaar at Madura, and with the capital raised thereby to set up some business. The first region was Chola country Chola vala nadu in the east, famous for its rice cultivation in the Cauvery river basin. The graceful lamp illumining the stage was so placed that the pillars did not cast shadows.

He spoke to her of the difficulties of traversing on foot forest belts and mountain-tracts full of wild animals and haunted by evil spirits bent on mischief. There was active intercour. This march was prompted by the fact of the intrusion of the northern kings into South India.

Among the popular deities in Ceylon, Pattini Devi fig’ures as the guardian of female chastity. Even married men resorted to these places and wasted all their wealth on these courtesans, caring little for their wedded wives. Her grief knew no bounds. Please try again later. Codrington of the Ceylon Civil Service informs me that in that island a coin of the halanju weight was called kdhapana. In spite of the gloomy trail through woods and jungles the roads were safe. This is borne out by the fact that he set out on his north- ern expedition at an auspicious hour.

The Silappatikaram, apart from being the first known epic poem in Tamil, is also important for its literary innovations. There is no silapathioaram in the ancient law- codes for this practice. At the close of the prayer all the musical instruments held by the respec- tive players were sounded. See -also chronological table in B. From the padikam can be gathered some knowledge as to his achieve- ments.


For we hear of one Udiyanceral, a Cera king who acted as the host to the combatants of that silapathiikaram. Kannaki who was a strict observer of the rules laid down for chaste wives, and who practised them to their very letter, welcomed the suggestion, and sought permission to follow him wherever he might go.

We know, for example, that members of Har. Ramachandra Dikshitar to the public, which knows him already and favourably. According to the Professor.

Ramaswami Aiyar to his edition of the Svaramelakaldnidhiy Annamalai University, I saw the tutelary deity of Madura appearing before the heroic Pattini who was in deep distress and saying: He also lays the objectives of the book Introduction 21 fact that he went all the way to the Himalayas in order to fetch a good stone to carve out an image of Kannakid That he was a follower of the established reli- gion of the land and that he was a Ksatriya by caste are evident from the fact that he engag’ed himself in the per- formance of Stoory sacrifices, after the temple was con- structed and consecrated to Kannaki.

At the same time, the royal goldsmith had stolen a pearl anklet belonging to the queen, for which he frames Kovalan.

This is another instance of the harmonious fusion of the two ancient cultures. Know what the August 11 Solar Eclipse is bringing for you on the basis of your Zodiac.

Adyar Library and Research Centre.

silappathikaram – the story of jeweled anklet – an epic of the common citizens

Having firmly established himself, he heard of the silapathikaran Tamil kings and spoke slightingly of their prowess. The books quoted from are Indirahdliyam, Pancamarapu, Baratasendpatiyam, and Mativanar-ndtahattamilmil. The ex- amples of Manunltikanda Cola, and Killivalavan are fur- nished by the epic.

This is not very convincing. The expression is similar to Ijampahcapandavas meaning, sons of the Pandavas. At the end of the Sangam epoch second — third centuries CEthe Tamil country was in political confusion. Kn Tamil Edition S.


The commentator has identi- fied Atakamatam with the Trivandrum Padmanabhasvami temple. He was a tolerant Hindu monarch.


After having silaapathikaram to the gods in the temples of his city and in the Yajhasalas the king actually left his town. Side by side with these dissenting sects of which three are mentioned — the Btuldha, the Jaina and srory Ajivaka, the established religion of the land was in a flourishing condition.

As has already been said the distinctions between the orthodox religion and the other sects were not sharp. But by the time of Senguttuvan they had settled in India and, according to the Silappadikdramhad their own flourishing and independent nadu, pro- bably the Indus region. As has been pointed out already the theory of Maru- makkattayam as prevalent among the Ceras is not sup- ported by the Silappadikaram. Swaminatha Aiyar that Silapqthikaram was the religion of Ilango.

The king also believes it immediately and hurriedly orders a soldier to accompany the goldsmith and kill the thief and bring the anklet.

Silappatikaram – Wikipedia

Such institutions were common both in North India and. All the three crossed over to the southern bank of the Kaveri by boat kn reached Uraiyur, the other capital of the Cola kingdom. These have been examined by S. This is probably because the other epic Manime- kalai gives a full treatment of the subject. If the reference in the Ahaitdnurii’ has any significance at all, it shows, as has already been.

So he started on his northern expedition through the Nilgiris. Or it may point to a sulapathikaram in ancient India of speaking first of the wife and then of the husband in referring to a married couple vadhuvarae.