14 Aug Monday Fast & Solah Somvar Vrat Katha – Monday Fast is solely dedicated to Lord Shiva. Bhagvan Shiv is also recognized with names. 23 Mar 16 Somvar Vrat (Monday Fast) Rules, katha and Benefits. Monday is considered very auspicious for the worship of Lord Shiva. Devotees throng. Very useful application for everyone. Read more. Reviews. Review Policy. 65 total. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Karan Das. October 4, Unhelpful. Spam.

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Likewise, if any person heartily does Monday fast or worship of Lord Shiva they get immense blessings of Mahadev. The mother reveals that she took the fast of Solah Somvar to get him then vrxt boy also perform these fast to get the other kingdom for their parents.

Monday Fast & Solah Somvar Vrat Katha

In this fast devotees have to take meal only one time after the sunrise worship. As she went near the tree its leaves began to fall and soon it became leafless. After the birth of sollah child, everyone was truly happy except that moneylender because he knew that his boy had only 12 years of life.

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Monday Fast & Solah Somvar Vrat Katha

On the first night, Princess asked him why elephant garlanded him and leave all the Prince who are invited in the Swayamvar. Shravan began on July 10 will continue till August 7 for North Indian states who follow Purnimant calendar.

Observing profound devotion of that devotee, Lord Mahadev blessed and offered him a baby-boy. They proposed the princess hand for him and he readily agreed. In their journey they saw a marriage ceremony. The groom was blind in one of the eyes. They did not have children and prayed the Lord to bless them with a child. Please enter your comment!

Solah Somvar Vrat Katha : सोलह सोमवार व्रत कथा

On the way, they came across the marriage ceremony of the daughter of a big businessman. The queen felt sorry and the old lady asked her to go away. Incidentally, on the seventeenth Monday, when she broke her fast, her beloved son Kartikeya, who was displeased with her, appeared and said, 0 dear mother what is vtat power with which you have called me?

On the honeymoon night, the bride said, zolah my dear, how is it that the elephant ignored all the princes and garlanded you? Kartikeya said, I shall observe Monday fasts for sixteen weeks for happy reunion with my friend.

Vrta he never broke his devotion towards Lord Shiva. All of them were taken aback, as it was due to that princess that he became the king of the state. The king returned to his palace. The king distributed money among the needy and arranged food for the hungry.


Clean the altar, light the lamp with gingelly oil. This story is connected with Monday fast.

The Katya joined the show. The queen felt sorry and potter asked him to go away. Her condition must be very miserable. Interesting facts about July. Solah Somvar Vrat is observed by women to get good husbands and many also observe it when they are blessed with a good married life. To hear the glory of the Solah Somvar Vrat she felt very happy and also perform the fast.

Lord Shiva certainly accomplishes all wishes of his devotees. He, in fact, advised his child and child’s maternal uncle to offer yangya, pooja to Lord Shiva. Soon, he regained his normal health.

After that she started lived with that priest but soon she fed up with her life because all things turn impure by her touch.