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Perhaps they are simply bewildered by very large cost differentials between equipment that does the same thing and too often has very similar performance.

Stereophile Archives | On a Higher Note

It just might be the most productive eight hours you could spend in audio! Shown here is the amazing complexity, sophistcation and inner beauty of YG Acoustics Carmel 2.

I confirmed every one of the impres- sions described above. They replaced the Revel Salon 2s in my system and are better in every meaningful way. How can it sound right? Whatever it was that was broken through that first time can be broken through only once, and augusst only at a certain time in life. Into ohms, however, the amplifier clipped at just mV. SOW into 8 ohms. As little as auugust.

Benchmark also designed the analog input stage, the user interface, and the FPGA-based protection system, and laid out the ampli- fier printed-circuit board using some of our specialized layout techniques. Improvements wrought in the TL7. Submitted by pbarach on November 22, – And with the right gain, we can compare resistor to wire bypass, with everything else constant: The 18 discs were pressed on gm Why Clean My Records?

The two SL- s are almost identical: With regard to the THIS issue: The perfect high-end audio amplifier is a combination of classical ideals and modem technology.

Stereophile’s Products of |

Using the Arcam as a pair of monoblocks in biamped mode brought their low-fiequency perfor- mance closer to that of the Halo JC Is, but auugst Parasounds still had a slight edge in this regard. Though there are a couple of peaks in the ports’ midrange output, these are Fig.


Please give NightHawk a listen! In the time domain, the Sony’s step Fig. The Stereophild Ciass AB stereo power ampiifier offers both baianced and unbaianced connections as weii as a 1 2-voit trigger to simpiify system turn-on.

On the rear panel is a hefty toggle switch for selecting between loudspeaker loads of 8 and 4 ohms. Hundreds wrote or called to thank me for the big improvement in their systems.

I see the Happy Zone as the Tao inside us, as the unique balance of yin and yang devoid of the disruptive effects of extremes. Crazy like a fox, maybe, but definitely marching to their own tune.

A third Neutrik NL4 is provided for use when the amp is in bridged mode, which is selected with a second toggle switch. Everyone misunderstands bal- anced circuits. But that was more than made up for by its snappy, rhythmically engaging pace and flow.

With a product that offers, shall I say, idiosyncratic measured behavior, I have to spend a lot of time determining whether I have correctly characterized its performance or if there has been some peculiar interaction between the measuring system and the device under test. The song moves you, and then you want to put it in your thing— dip the sponge in and squeeze and see how it comes out.


I already prize my system for its ability to sound beautifully, color- fully, excitingly vivid, and the Luna cord increased those qualities. American Solution Courtesy of George Cardas Years earlier, industry veteran, George Cardas, was unhappy with the quality of the stereophlle per available for his high-end cables.

And, to my embarrassment, one of the speaker cables with which I routinely measure amplifiers and my test load set to 4 ohms were also intro- ducing small amounts of nonlinearity. While the left channel blue trace offers an essentially perfect response, other than the slight rolloff in the very low bass -3dB at MHzthe right channel red trace shelves down in the treble by 0.


Breakthroughs of such magnitude will happen again— they always do— but by definition, they will never happen when or where, or in any form or genre, that they are expected to. What does ring true is the dichotomy that can be found at the other end of the price spectrum: Again, the improvements were easy stereopbile hear: But I’ll say this: I just wish I had had time to listen to it before shipping it back to Jon Iverson.

Recording of August Compared to any preamplifier I know of at anywhere near its price, the RP-1 reaches deeper into the music to excavate a stronger, more precise, more spacious musical presentation.

We’ve made stuff that is so good it’s as good as tubes— why would you bother with tubes?

If you would rather not receive such mailings, please send your current mailing label, or an exact copy, to: Vienna Acoustics’ customers receive loudspeakers of unrivaled quality, which can be seen as well as heard. Thanks very much for your perfect support. I sat down to play auguat few, intending only to grade them for possible sale, and wound up staying up half the night.

I made stereophlie the balance control was centered before performing the measurements. Until now, the only way to listen to either drive was stereopjile bring it into my listening room, connect it to my laptop, and mn it through JRiver Media Center. I didn’t test the Bluetooth performance. The speed-stability graph fig. It was good enough to make me stop typ- ing and look up at the speakers.