John Frawley – The Horary Textbook. Uploaded by Rômulo Filho. Horary is the branch of astrology that provides clear, specific answers to specific questions. 31 Jan The Horary Textbook by John Frawley, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. A leading traditional astrologer, John Frawley. Consultations, natal and horary tuition, lectures to download, articles, free magazines, and much more!.

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My opponent in the chess match; the other party in a court case; anyone applying for the same job as me; the team that the team I support is playing: It was not only its speed and economy of effort that made horary the mainstay of astrological practice: Printing the chart here, I have left out everything not needed for judgement. I think this fails to state quite how grim second station is. The 10th from the 5th is the 2nd house of the chart.

Placed in that living-room, he will be in an alien environment: These are called house systems. It is not strengthened as much as it would be if it were in that house and also in the same sign as the cusp. Marko rated it it was amazing Oct 24, If it is conjunct the South Node I will still win, but not much. These natural rulerships will occasionally be significant in the chart. Or maybe I should ask that If they are not within the same sign, the effects are trivial, unless you have the rare circumstance when all the planets – or all the relevant planets – are in a neat line with the besieging malefics or benefics at either end.


In detriment or fall they are nasty or unhappy; whether they are strong or weak – able or not able to act – is shown by accidental dignities more than essential dignities.

This can give a positive sense to combustion: The chest and lungs. Is it fast, slow or in station? Mars in Libra, Venus in Scorpio. Choose the one that is strongest in that particular chart. If the Moon signifies the quesited, the quesited has prior claim on its services and the querent must do without it as cosignificator.

This worksheet is an educational tool. The first of these is by far the more important in horary.

You will find that some charts, like this one about the cat, are crystal clear. People who bought this also bought. You are no longer the secure ruler of all you survey: The margins are wide to allow room for notes.

Tenth House Questions Job questions If one of the Nodes falls in a house relevant to the question, it can affect that house.

Full text of “Books on Alchemy and Magic”

The planet is going the wrong way: We must work with what we are given. You will learn nothing that way. Even though Saturn is in its detriment, this placement can be taken as descriptive and does not mean it was a decrepit umbrella.


No one can see you: But it does not mean that our querent is an evil person; it means that she is in a mess, may 16 For a fuller discussion of essence and its relevance to astrology, see Real Astrology, chapter 7.

The Horary Textbook

Saturn Cold and dry; diurnal ; 12 masculine. I use it often, and it’s remarkably accurate.

Essence is from the Latin esse- to be. A planet at 6 Scorpio is not besieged bodily, but it casts its trine aspect between Venus and Jupiter: So he is probably curled up on the sofa or bed.

Her husbands brother is also the radical 1st, because it is the 3rd house from her 7th. Celestial Longitude is measurement along the ecliptic. The body The body is divided among the signs, starting with Aries at the top and working down to Pisces at the toes. You will soon find that using the tradi- tional sign-rulers works. Cucumbers, melons for their water content.

Dancing with the Wheel Sun Bear. It is essential that they are considered in judgement.

Joy This is much less significant, but still worth noting. It is our higher knowledge: This is one example of the Rule of Rules: Station is a time of great weakness and vulnerability for a planet.