TM 9-1275 PDF

Section 1. Paragraphs INTRODUCTION. 1. Scope. a. This manual is published for the information and guidance of ordnance maintenance personnel. Carefully clean corrosion preventives from materiel received from storage (refer to TM ). b. Instructions for cleaning and lubricating the rifle by using are. Tm – US 30 cal. – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Carefully clean corrosion preventives from materiel received from storage refer to TM The new type spring B has a tapered rear end.

Pressure relieved by reverse action. Rear sight nut lock damaged or jammed.


To disassemble slide from follower. In retracted position, protrusion of nose can be. Leather straps should not crack when bent at a sharp angle. Ttm the headspace gages having bev- eled heads will be used in gm inspection of the cal. Check trigger lugs for levelness with each other and squareness of contact with faces of hammer hooks, and for wear and burs.

Ml wells; hammer spring housing; operating rod tube; rear sight base and aperture, and behind elevating knob screw; fillet in bottom of trigger housing; trigger mechanism especially under heel of sear, and trigger lug. Hand operate the rod through a few cycles to distribute the oil pro- perly. Check the locking action.


Bayonet and bayonet scab – bard. This bolt should close on the 1. Rifles 91275 the spline type gas cylinder will be sent to Springfield Armory or to an arsenal performing overhaul work on the Ml rifle. Check sliding loops for looseness on straps, pinching and burs. Remove carbon as fol- lows: Full text of ” TM U. Care should be taken to set die to original diameter of thread in question, so as not to reduce diameter of thread.

Press on file or stone on forward stroke only. The worn bolt will be immediately mutilated in such a manner as to preclude its use as a component part of the rifle.

A protective film of oil will be maintained at all times. Check sear contacting surface for levelness and seating with hammer hooks. Please enter a valid ZIP Tm A torque of 17 to 20 foot pounds or a pressure of ap- proximately 50 pounds applied to each end of a combination tool will be required to tighten lockscrew properly.

Fulton Armory Home Page. Before any attempt is made to Inspect a barrel for serviceability, fouling and oil should be removed and the bore wiped dry. Point of blade should be kept serviceably sharp.

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Contact the seller — opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location. When resetting a disassembled elevating knob, of the proper setting is not known, elevate the aperture three clicks and secure the elevating knob with the yard graduation op- posite the index line on the hm.

The hinged trap cover of the butt plate allows access to the two wells in the butt for carrying combination tool, M3, and oiler 9-127 thong. Trouble may be remedied by replacing trigger guard or lightly peening the lugs. If additional tolerances or variations are desired, submit a specific request to the Chief of Ordnance. When desired, grenade launcher M7 or M7A1, or bayonet M1 may be used with the rifles.

Remove brush and run several more wet patches through the bore.

Shop inspectors must locate and report tm the shop officer any incorrect practices being used by shop personnel so that proper standards of rebuild are followed.