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Este ranking fue una sorpresa, porque yo pensaba que iban a salir otros recorridos, e, e,, The first subsystem corresponds to the main bus lineswhich complementing the metro network allow long trips between different zones of the city.

The second subsystem corresponds to the local or feeder bus lines, which allow short trips and feed the metro and main bus lines. The main fare will be a little higher and will allow trips both in the main bus lines and metro, including free transfers between them.

Para quienes no puedan entender transatniago ser de otras latitudes, este servicio es como una de esas arterias gigantes que transportan la sangre en nuestro cuerpo. The new buses will temporarily run alongside the over 7, existing older buses that will be gradually removed from the system until After the implementation of the new lines structure, the main bus lines will be operated with articulated 18 meters long and normal buses, while the local services will be operated with normal buses and minibuses.

Recorrido Transantiago | recorrido transantiago – ma… | Flickr

It standardized bus routes and eliminated redundancy of same; redundancies were commonplace in the old system, which was run by thousands of independent bus operators. Trannsantiago, a transfer fare will have to be paid when transferring between a main bus service or metro and a local service.


Transantiago’s first stage of implementation began on October 22,when a group of ten new companies took control of the capital’s bus system, immediately introducing 1, new, modern low-floor buses approximately half of them being articulated made by Volvo in Brazilreplacing yellow-colored buses from the old system.

Passengers who do not have the card may pay in cash only in feeder busesbut at a higher fare and without possibility of reduced transfers. El recorrido H10 fue provisto por Transaraucarias en sus comienzos con los buses rosados.

Mapa Transantiago | Lacuartaa | Flickr

He hecho este recorrido en sus versiones originales J09 completo y original casi entero. Additionally, many complained that the old bus routes were easier and faster, a claim confirmed to an extent in an investigation by El Mercuriowhich found that most of the new routes took more time than the ones in the older system. El recorrido opera transantiiago dos instalaciones que tiene STP Santiago: Recibir un email con cada nueva entrada. Finalmente se promedia la Velocidad Comercial estipulada para los servicios Ida y Vuelta, generando un promedio por franja horaria.

Mapa Transantiago 2010

Se divide el Kilometraje total por la Velocidad. In this way, the color of the buses does not represent the zone covering the system as stipulated in the beginning and remained until June Transantiago is a public transport system that serves Santiagothe capital of Chile.

The older yellow-colored now painted over buses will only operate through the secondary local lines in conjunction with new but simpler buses. El Mercurio newspaper released [11] some stats comparing the system a day before it made its debut February 10, and a year after February 10, During the first six months of operation, up to three transfers are completely free. As a result, users have overcrowded the Metro, which is generally held to be fast and dependable.


In comparison to the old buses of Santiago, at least half the new mqpa have a low floor, and all have transantoago blocking system that does not allow the bus to move before all doors are closed Although the later doesn’t always work, since there tramsantiago been many cases of people almost falling down the bus.

Transantiago became fully operational on February 10,with the introduction of a new route system dividing bus lines into two complementary groups: Esto se hizo en julio The major complaints are the lack of transanttiago and their inconsistent frequencies, missing or poor infrastructure such as segregated corridors, prepaid areas and bus stopsthe network’s coverage, and the number of transfers needed for longer trips.

Respecto a tu pregunta: One clear failing of the system was that transantlago were no bus stops by many hospitals. An integrated fares scheme was introduced for buses and metro, allowing to transfer for free or paying a small transfer charge.

The system combines local feeder bus lines, main bus lines and the Metro subway network. This page was last edited on 2 Augustat The way transatniago which the fare adjustments is calculated has been established in the operation contracts. Finalmente, el recorrido sigue siendo poco competitivo con el Metro.

Metro president Blas Tomic was quoted as saying: